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Lithuanian man arrested for faking heart attack 20 times to avoid paying restaurant bills

In the picturesque southeastern port city of Alicante, Spain, a curious case has captured the attention of both locals and the international community. Aidas J., a 50-year-old Lithuanian national, has become notorious for his audacious antics in local restaurants. He’s not your ordinary diner; rather, he has repeatedly attempted to dine and dash by faking heart attacks, leaving restaurant owners and staff bewildered. This audacious saga, spanning numerous occasions, is a tale of deception that has gripped the city.

A Notorious Culprit

Aidas J., known locally as “El Gastrojeta,” has garnered notoriety for his elaborate scheme to evade paying his restaurant bills. He would confidently walk into various establishments, order an array of dishes and drinks, indulge in the fine cuisine, and then attempt to make his grand exit without parting with a single cent.

His latest escapade involved El Buen Comer, a charming eatery nestled in the historic district of Alicante. Aidas, seemingly unperturbed by his prior encounters with the law, enjoyed a sumptuous meal, which included a seafood paella and two whiskeys, racking up a bill of approximately $36.80. As he attempted to sneak out without settling the tab, the vigilant restaurant staff blocked his escape route, Spain’s EFE news agency reported.

Lithuanian man arrested for faking heart attack 20 times to avoid paying restaurant bills
Aidas alleged that he experienced “poor health” and dramatically collapsed, solely to evade paying a $36 invoice. (lindaikejiblogofficial/Instagram)

A Performance to Remember

Unwilling to pay, Aidas resorted to theatrics. He claimed that he needed to return to his hotel to fetch the money, but when that didn’t work, he resorted to a more dramatic approach. He dramatically collapsed onto the restaurant floor, feigning a heart attack, all in an effort to weasel out of his financial responsibility. The restaurant’s owner, Moisés Doménech, described the act as “very theatrical” and recounted how Aidas pretended to faint, leaving onlookers in disbelief.

Lithuanian man arrested for faking heart attack 20 times to avoid paying restaurant bills
The staff members at El Buen Comer restaurant were not fooled by the man’s tricks and notified the authorities about the fraudster. (lindaikejiblogofficial/Instagram)

The Long Arm of the Law

However, the restaurant staff was not fooled by Aidas’ antics. They promptly called the authorities, who recognized the repeat offender from his previous run-ins with the law. The police arrived at the scene and were greeted by Aidas, who not only confirmed his identity but also requested an ambulance. The police, however, quickly discerned that there was no genuine medical emergency, and Aidas was taken into custody once again.

Aidas is a peculiar character, often dressed in designer clothing, and known to converse in multiple languages. His go-to dish seems to be the Russian Salad, a curious choice given his recurrent run-ins with the law. According to one officer, Aidas smiles when the police arrive, seemingly unconcerned about the prospect of spending a few days in jail before his brief trial before a judge.

Lithuanian man arrested for faking heart attack 20 times to avoid paying restaurant bills
A Lithuanian individual named Aidas J., who resides in Spain, was apprehended after simulating a cardiac episode as a ploy to evade settling his bill at a dining establishment. (lindaikejiblogofficial/Instagram)

The Ongoing Battle

In the wake of Aidas’ escapades, Doménech took proactive measures by sharing the scammer’s photo with neighboring restaurants, warning them not to fall victim to his ruse. Several local establishments have come together to file a joint criminal complaint against Aidas, advocating for his imprisonment for up to two years.

Aidas, in a twist of irony, has already spent 42 days behind bars due to two unpaid fines, as reported by the Sun. His choice of low-cost restaurants and relatively minor financial transgressions has allowed him to take advantage of the legal system. In turn, it has proven challenging to secure a more extended prison sentence, as pointed out by a lawyer from the firm Navarra Sancho, The Sun reported.

The case of Aidas J. stands as a testament to the perseverance and vigilance of restaurant owners and staff in the face of a serial scammer. As he continues to weave his web of deception, the local community remains determined to hold him accountable for his actions. Whether Aidas will learn from his misadventures or continue to orchestrate his theatrical schemes is yet to be seen.


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