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Me to a TOGO Phone Number… To the ISIS DAESH; a True Story

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The following is a true story from Kyle James Lee‘s own experience:

In all meaning to Condemn the #ISIS# Daesh Internationally… Disown them Internationally… ANYTHING to let the world know how you feel! I did this out of sheer desire…

I began reading off script from this E-mail scam claiming to send me money; to the Daesh in a phone call after I had the number. I didn’t know it was the Daesh until I heard the middle eastern voice. I heard him giggling a bit. I then asked “Is this a scam?” The Daesh responded “Yes! Yes! This is a scam!” He had thought I was calling to join up; far from the truth. …

And then I said…

ME TO TOGO: “If THIS is a scam of a terrorist group or the ISIS Daesh… BURN ALL UPON READING! Under #RealMutant Blood. It’s all advanced Alienic beings to us anyway!”

Kyle James LeeFF73

I heard the guy yelp out “Burn all upon reading!” In a squeaky sort of voice. I heard a shot fired, the person on the phone fall dead to the floor; the phone hit the ground. A 2nd shot rang out; I heard a Real Gambit Richochet, it landed and hit a guy. ( Must have been the man who had just shot the first. ) There was a sound of restricted breathing after the 2nd man hit the floor. I didn’t wait long to hang up after that! A third man was in the room, and it’s accurate to say; he didn’t last long when other Daesh came upon the scene.

My hope would be he tried to grenade bomb and blow up their own communicator building; but who knows.

A few months went by; and my Great Uncle Bruce received a phone call; to tell him that Kyle James Lee killed Muhammad. It was the Daesh. ( No offense to the massive amounts of Muslims out there; but this is what was told to my Great Uncle Bruce. )

We are not Government, but we abide by Government laws; we co-operate. Though; we are not Government controlled or operated.

#OpParis #OpISIS I did this out of sheer desire! :D

“If everyone plays their cards right all out on the fields; the odds and ends will always be the same… Positive, Negative; or Neutral.” FF7ending

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Agents at The AEGIS Alliance

Emmanuel Godwin Esquire states; he will deal with TOGO himself at least. … But there’s no way to afford anything on our part. :P Spam them with e-mails if you’d like!

Planet Logistics Express Co.: [email protected]

Gen. John Kelvin Thomson: [email protected]

Ashley Mathew: [email protected]

Fake ING Direct Bank: [email protected]

Emmanuel Godwin: [email protected]

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