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Teen boy thrilled to be adopted just before his 18th birthday, ‘In the nick of time’

A Miraculous Twist of Fate In a heartwarming and inspiring account that restores faith in humanity, Roman Balassaitis found his permanent place in the world just as he was about to age out of the Florida foster system. At the eleventh hour of his teenage years, destiny stepped in through the compassionate intervention of Renee and Brad Balassaitis. This kind-hearted couple from Clay County made the life-changing choice to adopt Roman, brightening his life just one day before his 18th birthday.

A Timely Miracle Emotions ran wild as Roman officially became a member of his new family. Renee, aged 47, tearfully shared the moment when they warmly welcomed their son into their loving abode, recounting, “Roman has always yearned for a forever family.” Her devoted partner, Brad, chimed in with heartfelt words, “Just at the critical moment.”

Teen boy thrilled to be adopted just before his 18th birthday, ‘In the nick of time’
Roman was taken in by Renee and Brad Balassaitis just a day before he turned 18 years old. (First Coast News)

Roman’s journey through the foster care system had been anything but smooth. Since he entered the system at the tender age of 11, he had been moved around to 19 different homes. However, with the Balassaitis family, Roman discovered the stability and unwavering affection that had been missing for years. A Bigger and More Loving Household Renee and Brad Balassaitis are no strangers to the joys and trials of adoption. Aside from Roman, they have opened their hearts and home to six other adopted children, along with their two biological kids, Tom and Chrissy. Austin, Jared, Sammy, Halle, and Tatiana are all cherished members of their affectionate family. Tragically, their family experienced a devastating loss with the passing of their daughter, Rosie, the previous year.

Teen boy thrilled to be adopted just before his 18th birthday, ‘In the nick of time’
When Roman reached the age of 11, he became a part of the foster care system in Florida. (First Coast News)

The couple felt a divine calling to become foster parents, a journey they embarked upon in 2008. They have described it as the most fulfilling experience they have ever had. Brad shed light on how Roman’s story started when the 12-year-old entered their lives, staying with them for nine months. Yet, it became evident that he still harbored deep-rooted fears of abandonment, preventing him from fully embracing the idea of family, as reported by

Teen boy thrilled to be adopted just before his 18th birthday, ‘In the nick of time’
Roman Balassaitis, positioned in the middle, was on the verge of aging out of the foster system when he reached the age of 18. However, Renee and Brad Balassaitis, his rescuers, adopted him just before his birthday. (First Coast News)

A Special Connection The Balassaitis family keenly felt Roman’s absence when he left their lives. Renee expressed, “It felt like I had lost my future son.” However, years later, Roman reached out to Halle through social media, and a heartfelt invitation to dinner brought him back into their midst. From that point forward, everything changed, and the Balassaitis clan felt whole once more.

Teen boy thrilled to be adopted just before his 18th birthday, ‘In the nick of time’
At the age of 12, Roman was welcomed into the Balassaitis family for the first time. (First Coast News)

Since the official adoption, Roman has blossomed, exuding a newfound sense of happiness that radiates from within. The burdens of uncertainty and insecurity that once weighed heavily on him have lifted, ushering in a joyous transformation. Overcoming Obstacles Roman’s path to finding a forever home is both heartening and challenging. As a high school junior, he faces academic hurdles, particularly in reading, and he is lagging behind in his coursework. Given his previous experiences, it is no surprise that expressing his emotions can be difficult, as he had learned to guard himself against further pain. Yet, despite these trials, he is now relishing the precious moments of childhood that were once out of reach. First Coast News reports that he finds delight in playing games like Chutes and Ladders and revels in the simple pleasure of a swing set.

Teen boy thrilled to be adopted just before his 18th birthday, ‘In the nick of time’
Renee and Brad possess a total of eight children, with six of them being adopted and one named Roman. Additionally, they have two biological children. (First Coast News)

A Common Narrative in America While Roman’s story resonates with triumph over adversity, it also serves as a poignant reminder of the countless teenagers in the United States yearning for a similar happy ending. Tragically, his experience of being shuffled between foster homes is not unique. Many teenagers, like Roman, endure trauma and instability during their formative years. For far too many, the search for a forever home ends in despair. As they turn 18, they are left with limited options, often leading to incarceration or life on the streets.

Conclusion Roman Balassaitis’ tale stands as a testament to the transformative power of love, perseverance, and empathy. It serves as a call to action, forcing us to consider the profound impact we can have by offering love, stability, and a sense of belonging to those who need it the most. The Balassaitis family’s decision to open their hearts and home to Roman illuminates the immense difference a loving and supportive family can make in a young person’s life.

This heartwarming account acts as a guiding light, inspiring us all to recognize the positive impact we can have by providing love, stability, and a sense of belonging to those who are yearning for it. Roman’s incredible journey reminds us that every child deserves the opportunity to find their forever home, regardless of the challenges they have faced along the way.

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