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Vengeful son runs over his mother’s alleged killer in Detroit police station parking lot after baby shower shooting

In a harrowing turn of events, a peaceful baby shower on Detroit’s east side took a dark and tragic turn when a Michigan grandma, Phebe Williams, was gunned down by a friend. The chilling incident occurred during a confrontation with her son and culminated in a deadly shooting, right in the parking lot of a Detroit police station. This gripping and heart-wrenching incident has left a community in shock and bewilderment.

The Genesis of a Tragedy

The unsettling saga began when Phebe Williams, a 53-year-old grandmother, attended a baby shower, a joyous occasion that quickly descended into chaos. Her close friend, a 46-year-old woman who remains unidentified, made a shocking accusation against Williams’ son, setting off a series of events that would lead to unimaginable consequences, according to WXYZ Detroit.

This friend had already taken her concerns to the city police a week prior, reporting alleged criminal activity involving Williams’ son. Tensions simmered beneath the surface, and a confrontation at the baby shower was all it took to ignite the powder keg.

Vengeful son runs over his mother's alleged killer in Detroit police station parking lot after baby shower shooting
The unidentified son of Williams pursued and hit the person who shot her using his vehicle. (Facebook/Phebe Williams)

A Deadly Confrontation

The situation escalated rapidly, with both women involved in a physical altercation. The dispute, fueled by anger and confusion, took a violent turn when Phebe Williams allegedly struck her friend. As the altercation intensified, another person allegedly became involved, compounding the chaos.

In a shocking twist of fate, the unidentified friend produced a firearm and, without warning, opened fire on Phebe Williams. The fatal shot shattered the atmosphere of the baby shower, leaving family and attendees stunned and struggling to comprehend the tragic turn of events.

Unanswered Questions

Phebe Williams’ niece, Shavonda Carter, expressed her disbelief at the actions of her family’s longtime friend. “She’s a friend of the family. They’d been friends since they were kids,” Carter lamented. “I don’t understand why she would even pull a gun out.” The presence of children in the house and the sheer number of people at the gathering only deepened the sense of shock and disbelief.

After discharging the weapon, the woman immediately called the Detroit police to report her actions. She then proceeded to drive to the city’s 9th precinct, a few miles away, to turn herself in. However, little did she know that Williams’ son had tailed her to the police station’s parking lot.

Vengeful son runs over his mother's alleged killer in Detroit police station parking lot after baby shower shooting
The supposed assailant, whose identity remains unknown, purportedly brandished a firearm and discharged it at Williams following allegations of her physical altercation with the woman. (Facebook/Phebe Williams)

A Shocking Turn of Events

In the parking lot, an altercation unfolded between the two parties. Allegedly, the unidentified shooter retrieved another firearm and aimed it at Phebe Williams. This time, it was Williams’ son who took drastic action, speeding up and striking the woman with his car.

The aftermath of this shocking incident saw both Williams’ son and the shooter in custody, with the latter hospitalized in serious condition. It remains unclear whether the son involved in the vehicular altercation was the same individual whom the shooter had reported to the police earlier.

Vengeful son runs over his mother's alleged killer in Detroit police station parking lot after baby shower shooting
On Sunday, a dispute during a baby shower led to the fatal shooting of Phebe Williams, a grandmother residing in Detroit. The assailant responsible for this tragic incident was identified as a friend of hers. (Facebook/Phebe Williams)

A Reminder of the Consequences

The tragic events that transpired serve as a grim reminder of the senseless gun violence that plagues many communities. Detroit Police Captain Donna McCord emphasized the need for responsible gun ownership, even among licensed gun carriers. She urged individuals to seek police assistance and refrain from taking matters into their own hands when faced with potentially dangerous situations.

In the face of such shocking and tragic circumstances, the community must come to terms with the consequences of this unfortunate incident. The loss of Phebe Williams is a stark reminder of the importance of conflict resolution and responsible firearm use, even in the most trying of situations.

Vengeful son runs over his mother's alleged killer in Detroit police station parking lot after baby shower shooting
According to reports, Williams allegedly engaged in a dispute with her acquaintance during the gathering due to her child. (Facebook/Phebe Williams)

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