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(The AEGIS Alliance) – AEGIS in The AEGIS Alliance stands for: The Activists – Alliance for the Exposure of Government Intelligence and Secrets

We do not allow plagiarism or copyright infringement of our own content.

We have articles on our website TheAEGISAlliance.com that are licensed under Creative Commons, meaning they’re free and open-sourced, available for other websites to republish. There is a requirement when republishing Creative Commons articles, and it’s that the republished article gives credit to the original author or publisher and that it’s a Creative Commons by linking back to them in the republishing.

There are both our own original articles, and others we’ve republished on our site. We make sure to give proper credit to the original sources, and we give credit to media sources when writing our own articles. It’s also more credible that way. We’ve made improvements to the SEO on our site and will continue to do that. There are zero click-throughs. TheAEGISAlliance.com is available in many languages with a switcher on both the desktop and mobile versions of the website, translations aren’t always perfect in certain languages and rely on Google translations.

The AEGIS Alliance involves a partnership agreement filed with trustworthy friends; between the United States​ and Canada acting as allies.

We are not GhostSec Group, they run on “Donations” … But there are government-backed donations going to GhostSec Group. GhostSec Group has carried out certain greater operations… These and other operations, in particular the large DDOS that happened to Turkey, it wasn’t just a group of teenagers in their basement. There are other however, GhostSecs that we are familiar with and have associated with.

It’s not that we aren’t cooperative with the United States or Canada but we aren’t controlled by the Government either.

There are many Anonymous from many Anonymous out there, who are the real Anons… White Hat as one would want it to be, but there are Black Hats. There are also Grey Hats who are White Hats by day and Black Hats by night.

Anything AEGIS has done; is for a very good reason, and mainly white hat. The truth is; behind the masks, Novice to Elite, most Anons depend on world currencies for their very own survival, but true Anons refuse to make money in the name of Anonymous. The AEGIS Alliance avoids such controversies since we aren’t Anonymous, but I’ve been an Anon for several years.

There has since been the Dyn DNS attack which shut down many websites of great importance for a lot of people; those in the United States were affected the most.

We have no intention of attacking the United States or Canada. If anyone attacks the United States or Canada and claims to be AEGIS; they aren’t us, and are a rogue agent. But, we cannot control all of Anonymous!

We still stand as not controlled by a Government. We have limited contacts. We do not claim to be a leader of Anonymous and we made damned sure not to take the name of Anonymous when I came up with the meaning for AEGIS.

“We do not claim to be a leader of the Legion; The AEGIS Alliance has Anonymous Allies.”

Kyle James Lee

Majority Owner of The AEGIS Alliance. I studied in college for Media Arts, Game Development. Talents include Writer/Article Writer, Graphic Design, Photoshop, Web Design and Development, Video Production, Social Media, and eCommerce.


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