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The main purpose of donations is to raise the awareness of social and human rights issues with targeted ads and our social media network. We make efforts to keep biased political content out of our ads, and our webstie mostly stays out of biased politics. Political content is mainly kept separate from our website and separate on social media, such as on our YouTube channel and one of our Facebook pages. Theres the non-political The AEGIS Alliance page, and the political The AEGIS Alliance Intel for example. Our X/Twitter @AEGISAllianceTM does get into politics, but we co-own the 358k followers Anonymous Legion Facebook page that does its best to stay out of biased politics.

Your support will also help us out with our website and other upkeep costs. We’d gratefully appreciate your kindness. Thanks for your time.

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UPDATED May 2, 2024 to reflect changes in the way donations are used. The donations main purpose will make efforts to avoid biased politics, just like our website has since 2016. The newsletters will be updated to reflect these changes after editions 91 of our news newsletter, and 27 of our memes newsletter are sent out.

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