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A man sold his dead mother’s ashes on Facebook for $30 and someone bought them

In a world of digital marketplaces where one can find anything from vintage collectibles to the latest gadgets, some listings may leave you astounded. Amid the myriad of peculiar items for sale on Facebook Marketplace, an extraordinary discovery surfaced – a seller offering portions of their mother’s ashes. Let’s delve into the intriguing story of two creators, Mark and Lauren Eliza, who embarked on a remarkable journey into the unusual world of online commerce.

The Remarkable Discovery

Mark, the curator behind the TikTok account ‘Marketplace Finds,’ stumbled upon a perplexing listing on Facebook Marketplace. Priced at a mere $30, it offered a vial containing “2 oz of ash and bone,” with an option to purchase the accompanying “backstory” for an additional $5. The ashes were claimed to belong to the seller’s mother, adding a layer of complexity and emotional depth to the listing.

Mark, initially taken aback by the audacity of the listing, humorously commented, “If I sold my mom’s ashes, she’d come back from the dead and smack me upside the head.” The uniqueness of the situation, however, piqued the interest of the online community.


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A man sold his dead mother's ashes on Facebook for $30 and someone bought them
Lauren expressed her belief that it was legal to sell human remains, and she was correct.

Enter Lauren Eliza

Lauren Eliza, better known as ‘Lauren the Mortician’ on TikTok, specializes in crafting content surrounding unconventional aspects of mortality. As soon as she caught wind of Mark’s discovery, she was captivated. Her response in a TikTok video was both humorous and inquisitive. “Where’s the listing, send me the listing,” she exclaimed, attracting over 500,000 views. Lauren also expressed her willingness to pay the extra $5 for the “back drama story.”

Intriguingly, Lauren asserted that selling someone’s ashes might be legal, citing that “when the crematory shuts off, that’s considered the final form of disposition.” This statement was in alignment with the legal landscape in the United States, where there is no federal law against the sale of human remains, according to

A man sold his dead mother's ashes on Facebook for $30 and someone bought them
Mark shared a post revealing his recent purchase of ashes intended for sending to Lauren. Additionally, he conducted an interview with the seller to gather some interesting information. (TikTok/epicconfections)

Unveiling the Package

On October 5, the intriguing transaction reached its culmination. Mark successfully acquired a portion of the ashes and dispatched it to Lauren. The package was unveiled in a peculiar and macabre manner – it arrived in a glass vial, concealed within a hollowed-out book adorned with eerie motifs, such as skulls and flowers. Alongside the vial, there was a letter that added to the mystique of the entire exchange.

As with any online story, the authenticity of the ashes and their backstory remains a point of skepticism. Lauren, drawing from her expertise as a former mortician, confidently affirmed their authenticity, citing the bone “fragments” she observed within the vial.

A man sold his dead mother's ashes on Facebook for $30 and someone bought them
The flask containing Grandma’s remains was carefully inserted into a book that had been carved out, and adorned with skulls and flowers. (TikTok/lovee.miss.lauren)

The Seller’s Perspective

While Lauren refrained from disclosing the entire backstory, Mark conducted an interview with the seller, identified as Chris Brown. Brown’s rationale for selling his mother’s ashes was rooted in his tumultuous relationship with her. He recounted the profound emotional turmoil he had experienced, revealing episodes of mental abuse, manipulation, and even physical abuse at the hands of his mother.

Brown expressed his inner turmoil regarding the disposition of his mother’s remains. He questioned, “Do I just throw her in the trash? Do I just flush her? I don’t know, none of those brought me peace.” In his quest for catharsis and understanding, he decided to post the listing on Facebook Marketplace.

Brown’s decision to sell his mother’s ashes emerged as an unconventional act of liberation. In his words, he questioned the conventional notion of forgiving the dead, asserting that his mother never attempted to reconcile during her lifetime. In doing so, he initiated a thought-provoking conversation about the complex interplay of emotions and closure in the realm of human relationships.


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In Conclusion

The story of Mark and Lauren’s journey into the unusual world of Facebook Marketplace and their acquisition of human ashes is a testament to the uncharted territories of online commerce. It highlights the profound emotional depth and complexity of human relationships, even in the most unconventional circumstances. The saga of the ashes serves as a stark reminder that the digital realm can be a canvas for stories that challenge our perceptions and evoke a wide range of emotions.

In the world of online marketplaces, the unexpected can become a reality, and the bizarre can coexist with the mundane. It’s a testament to the ever-evolving nature of human interaction, even in the most unexpected corners of the internet.


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