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Woman gets live spider removed from her ear in viral traumatic TikTok, ‘I threw up’

In an extraordinary and bone-chilling event, Desirae Kelly, a resident of Farmington, Missouri, recently garnered widespread attention on the internet by sharing the terrifying details of her disturbing encounter with an unwelcome visitor – a live spider that inexplicably made its home in her ear. Her TikTok video quickly went viral, amassing nearly seven million views, leaving viewers both captivated and horrified as they delved into the horrific events that unfolded in a doctor’s office.

The Alarming Incident

Desirae Kelly’s ordeal began when she abruptly woke up at 5 a.m., sensing an unexplainable feeling in her ear. At first, she attributed it to the fringes on her comforter and tried to go back to sleep. However, her peace was short-lived as, within minutes, she was startled awake once again by a mysterious and unsettling movement within her ear canal. This instance sent a wave of shivers down her spine and marked the beginning of an incredibly traumatizing experience.

Woman gets live spider removed from her ear in viral traumatic TikTok, ‘I threw up’
In the waiting area, Desirae mentioned that the encounter provoked tears. (@desiraekelly / Tiktok)

A Visit to an Urgent Care Center

With the unnerving sensation persisting, Desirae Kelly took swift action and promptly visited an Urgent Care center the following morning. The discomfort she felt was likened to a “big clump of wax moving” near the bottom of her eardrum. The discomfort was so intense that tears welled up in her eyes as she anxiously waited in the clinic’s reception area.

Once she was inside the examination room, a nurse conducted a thorough examination and confirmed the presence of an intruder in her ear. The situation was undeniably unsettling as the nurse discovered something “curled up in the back.”


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The Disturbing Moment

As the nurse began the process of flushing out Desirae’s ear, something unexpected occurred. The previously motionless entity within Desirae’s ear canal started to stir. Startled, she watched in a mix of terror and disbelief as the creature suddenly emerged, landing on her sweater. Desirae vividly recalled this pivotal moment, recounting how she observed “this black spider with all eight legs crawl across the floor.” Even the nurse herself was taken aback by this development, highlighting the truly bizarre nature of the encounter.

Woman gets live spider removed from her ear in viral traumatic TikTok, ‘I threw up’
Learning that the spider had taken residence in her ear caught her completely by surprise, as she expressed. (@desiraekelly / Tiktok)

Fight or Flight Response

The sight of the spider exiting her ear triggered an instinctual “fight or flight” response in Desirae. In a panic-induced frenzy, she screamed and dashed across the clinic. Her wide-eyed expression, tight chest, and gasps for air emphasized the shock and terror she experienced during those heart-pounding moments.

A Surreal Scene

Within the span of two minutes, Desirae transitioned from initial shock to uncontrollable heaving. The composed and professional nurses managed to capture the rogue spider in a transparent container. As the ordeal came to an end, Desirae humorously admitted to leaving the clinic without a bug in her ear, but possibly without her “dignity” intact.


Replying to @Jackson Family the odds of this happening again are slim but i am not risking it 😅😅

♬ original sound – desiraekeckley

Coping with the Aftermath

Despite the somewhat amusing conclusion, Desirae Kelly’s experience left her deeply traumatized. She revealed that every night since the incident, she has resorted to sleeping with earplugs, as the fear of a repeat occurrence lingers. Desirae described the sensation of a spider crawling out of her ear as “the most unsettling, violating feeling ever.”

A Shared Experience

Desirae’s TikTok video struck a chord with many, eliciting a flood of comments from fellow users expressing their shared unease and horror. It is evident that her account has evoked a collective discomfort surrounding the idea of spiders invading our ears, with comments ranging from empathy to pure terror.

Woman gets live spider removed from her ear in viral traumatic TikTok, ‘I threw up’
At the hospital, the nurse was required to remove the spider from Kelly’s ear by flushing it out. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A Surreal Viral Sensation

When speaking to Fox News Digital, Desirae Kelly expressed her surreal experience of going viral. Her video gained millions of views overnight, and the sudden fame has left her both bewildered and relieved. While she has returned to her normal sleeping routine, she now relies on earplugs for added reassurance.

Final Reflections

Desirae Kelly’s extraordinary encounter serves as a stark reminder of the unexpected and often disconcerting situations life can throw at us. Although we have limited control over such experiences, it is reassuring to witness her stress the importance of taking prompt action and seeking professional help when faced with worrisome movements in the ear. Her story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit when faced with unforeseen adversity.

Footage of a spider being removed from an ear:


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