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Amish men using forbidden smartphones shunned from community due to national emergency alert test


In the ever-changing landscape of the modern world, traditional communities like the Amish find themselves confronted with new challenges that threaten the very fabric of their way of life. The Amish, renowned for their commitment to simplicity and rejection of modern technology, have recently been thrust into the spotlight due to an unexpected revelation that sent shockwaves through their tight-knit community.

The Revelation on TikTok: A Clash of Worlds

On October 4th, the Amish community was faced with an unforeseen disruption when a national phone emergency alert reverberated throughout the country. What seemed innocuous to the outside world had far-reaching consequences within the Amish community. It was revealed that some Amish members, including a former member named Eli Yoder, had been secretly carrying phones in their hand-sewn pockets, in direct contradiction to their deeply-rooted customs.

The sudden buzzing and beeping of these forbidden devices caught the unsuspecting Amish off guard, leaving them exposed and vulnerable. Yoder, known for his authenticity and humor, took to TikTok to recount the aftermath of this incident. In his now-viral video, he revealed the severe consequences that his friends faced, including being shunned by the Amish Church.


Several Amish men get shunned by the Amish church when the emergency alert system went off. Lol. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

♬ original sound – Eli Yoder

The Forbidden Fruits of Technology

The Amish have long held a staunch belief in the rejection of modern technology. From their perspective, devices such as smartphones and other buzzing or beeping gadgets are seen as intrusive and disruptive within the sanctity of their homes. To them, technology threatens the cohesive bonds that preserve their sense of community and undermine their commitment to a simple and plain life.

The use of technology is strictly forbidden within the Amish community. Therefore, the exposure of secret phones among the members has led to intense scrutiny and potential excommunication. Yoder, sympathizing with those craving connection beyond Amish boundaries, expressed his willingness to assist his friends in obtaining phones whenever they desire but inadvertently contributed to the questioning and potential banishment of one of his friends from the community.

Amish men using forbidden smartphones shunned from community due to national emergency alert test
On October 4th, a sudden phone alarm caught our attention. (Getty Images)

Unveiling the Complexity of Amish Life

The incident exposed a deep-rooted conflict within the Amish community and sheds light on their aversion to modern technology and other societal influences. According to a dedicated website for visiting Ohio’s Amish country, the rejection of technology is primarily rooted in the Amish belief that it erodes the unity of the family and cultivates values contrary to their core principles.

The comforts and amenities that are commonplace in the modern world—electricity, television, automobiles, and telephones—are viewed as temptations that may lead the Amish astray. They fear that the adoption of such devices will promote vanity, create inequalities, and gradually erode their closely-knit communal bonds, which form the foundation of their society.

Amish men using forbidden smartphones shunned from community due to national emergency alert test
The Amish have an intense dislike for technology and the contemporary society. (Getty Images)

The infiltration of modern influences does not solely pertain to technological advancements but extends to more subtle intrusions into Amish life. Controversy has recently emerged within the Amish community, involving a romance novel set within their ranks. “Tapestry of Love” by Linda Byler, also an Amish member, has faced criticism and debates, despite its lack of explicit sexual content.

Linda Byler, aged 65, passionately defends her work against accusations of impropriety. She emphasizes the wholesome nature of her books and distances herself from the explicit nature of books such as the infamous “Fifty Shades of Grey” series. Byler eloquently portrays moments of tender affection while discreetly navigating any romantic scenes within the boundaries of Amish values.

As modern influences seep into Amish society, debates surrounding cultural clashes become more prevalent. While the Amish maintain a steadfast commitment to their way of life, recent incidents raise important questions about the sustainability of their centuries-old traditions in a rapidly evolving world.

Amish men using forbidden smartphones shunned from community due to national emergency alert test
An ex-resident exposed that the phone distress signal on October 4 caused predicaments for his acquaintances within the community. (Getty Images)


The intrusion of the modern world has undoubtedly caused upheaval within the Amish community. The revelation of secret phones and the debates surrounding literature demonstrate the intricate balance of navigating a centuries-old way of life within an evolving society. The Amish community, renowned for its resilience and commitment to simplicity, continues to grapple with the challenges presented by the modern era. As the world continues to change, these recent incidents serve as a poignant reminder of the delicate balance between tradition and adaptation—the core of the Amish way of life.


  1. Makes you wonder what real purpose of test was for anyway. Lots of domestic violence victims had same issue

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