Jeffrey Epstein Documents ‘Motherlode’ The AEGIS Alliance Obtained, Maxwell Depositions (ZIPs/665 MB)

(The AEGIS Alliance) – We’ve managed to obtain and gather a massive amount of court and other documents related to Jeffrey Epstein and his associates. Some of these documents are believed to have been leaked anonymously by the FBI, along with coming from Florida and perhaps New York courthouses where Epstein cases took place.

As we’ve reported before, there is reason to believe that Epstein didn’t kill himself. There certainly was plenty of motive to kill Epstein, including elites and people in power who Epstein would have testified against in court and exposed as being pedophiles and underage child sex traffickers. At one point the FBI was believed to have been investigating a criminal enterprise that was involved in Epstein’s death.

The documents we’ve released include six compressed ZIP files that are about 665 MB in total. Epstein Files Part I includes Epstein’s little black book unredacted, an Epstein FBI report, the Epstein “Lolita Express” private jet flight logs, and a PDF of Epstein’s assets. Epstein Files Part II contains court documents on lawsuits involving Epstein and lawsuits involving his associates.

Epstein Files Part III contains an Epstein plea deal, assorted documents related to Epstein associate Alan Dershowitz, Epstein’s depositions,  “Les Wexner Mob Ties Shapiro Murder File,” Bail Memo, and Epstein phone messages.

There are also files on Virginia Giuffre, both on its own ZIP file, and in the Epstein and related associates ZIP file. A federal judge had recently ordered some of these files to be destroyed, and then we released some of them shortly afterward.

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Also in this release are Leaked Epstein Files that have been available online since the end of June 2020 and contain many various Epstein court and other documents. One of the files is the FBI’s AI translation of what names are included in the Epstein flight logs, but part of the names was deemed illegible. Also included are Ghislaine Maxwell Depositions from 2016 that are related to past court cases involving Jeffrey Epstein and his associates. Former President Bill Clinton, Chris Tucker, and Kevin Spacey all flew to Epstein island at the same time together at one point.

Also included is a 2016 underage rape lawsuit that included Jeffrey Epstein and former President Donald J. Trump vs. an underage girl only known as “Jane Doe.” There is a belief that the girl was paid off to keep the lawsuit quiet so it wouldn’t interfere with Trump’s 2016 presidential election. The corporate media never really mentioned this lawsuit in 2016.

DISCLAIMER to help avoid lawsuits: These files contain documents involving people that may or may not have been in contact with Epstein, and who may or may not have been convicted of child sex or trafficking or other crimes, and may also contain the names of victims of sexual abuse and trafficking, or innocent persons. We are not liable for what a user does with the data in these files or a users’ misuse of these files. We ask that you please do not contact anyone contained in these files. We are merely publishing these files as part of our right to a free press, freedom of information, and free speech.

These are compressed files that require being extracted or opened using software that is compatible with the common ZIP compressed type of file.

ZIP File Downloads:
Epstein Files Part I (32 MB)
Epstein Files Part II (93 MB)
Epstein Files Part III (26 MB)
Leaked Epstein Files (27 MB)
Virginia Giuffre, Ghislaine Maxwell Depositions and Court Documents (358 MB)
More Recent Ghislaine Maxwell Depositions (Unredacted) (64 MB)
Previously released redacted Ghislaine Maxwell Depositions (64 MB)
Trump / Epstein vs. Jane Doe underage rape lawsuit (500 Kb)

Total: About 665 MB

Kyle James Lee – The AEGIS Alliance – This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Kyle James Lee
Kyle James Lee
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  1. Here is something you might not be aware of about the Epstein Mansion. I haven’t gone public with this because I don’t want them to kill my witness. According to my source, the Epstein Mansion was headquarters for the largest Ecstasy Distribution ring on the East Coast.
    People dismisses the idea that Epstein’s father was politically connected in any way. However, Epstein’s father was the Head of the New York Park and Recreation Department. This means he had control over who could sell Drugs in the Parks.
    There is a retired New York Police Officer who was part of the Organized Crime Unit. He was also working for the US army in Intelligence Unit. According to his daughter’s deposition, he stated “we started distributing Heroin in the late 1950’’ because we knew nobody would believe those G-d Dam niggers. There is more details about the story in my book.

  2. I find it strange that Trump is the only name mentioned when Bill Clinton flew 25 times to the island. Bill Gates and Alan Dershowicz also. I smell something rotten here.


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