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UK terminally ill child gets dying wish as Disney and Marvel characters surprise him: ‘Best day ever’

Before he passed away, a young boy had his dying wish fulfilled when Marvel and Disney characters made a surprise visit to his home.

According to the news agency SWNS, Freddy Leitch, an eight-year-old from Gillingham, England, has been battling a rare genetic disease throughout his entire life. The National Institutes of Health explains that chronic granulomatous disease is a genetic disorder that prohibits white blood cells from effectively eliminating certain types of bacteria and fungi.

SWNS reported that Leitch was informed that he had only few days to live after falling ill on April 16. Despite spending several days in the hospital, Leitch expressed his desire to visit Disneyland Paris and stay at the Marvel hotel, a trip that had been delayed several times due to his condition.

Kirsty, the mother of the boy, went on the internet to make a request. She asked if someone would dress up like the Marvel and Disney characters that her son Freddy loves and come to visit him. Soon after, a group of characters arrived at their doorstep including Spider-Man, Stitch, The Hulk, Supergirl, a Power Ranger, Mickey Mouse, and others.

According to Leitch’s mother, SWNS reports that it was the happiest 20 minutes of her son’s life. She shared that her son exclaimed, “Mom, that was the most amazing day ever,” after the experience.

She expressed gratitude towards the individuals who visited the house and stated that the family was pleasantly surprised. “We are immensely grateful for the wonderful individuals who showed up,” she declared.

Leitch passed away peacefully at home surrounded by his loved ones only a few days later.

According to SWNS, Leitch managed his disease with relative ease during his early years, but eventually had to contend with multiple viruses and infections that resulted in hospitalization. Despite a bone marrow transplant in 2018, his immunity did not improve as expected. In 2021, a previously undetected virus led to kidney failure, which became life-threatening by January 2022, coinciding with the family’s planned trip to Disneyland.

According to Leitch’s mother, the family engaged in various activities during the last year of her son’s life that brought him joy. She mentioned that they went on a family vacation to Turkey and also adopted a dog named Phoenix, which was named after a character from X-Men.

“He had such determination,” Leitch shared about her son passing away at home. “We’re heartbroken, we’re devastated that he’s grown his wings, but grateful that he’s gone in peace,” she added. “He’s going to leave a massive Freddy-shaped hole in all our hearts. He’s left us with so many memories. That’s what he’s given us.”

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