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Oklahoma father allegedly killed 9-month-old son after attacking child’s mother

A young father, 25-year-old Hunter Smiley, stands accused of the brutal murder of his own infant son. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) reports that police responded to a call on April 10th regarding an unresponsive 9-month-old baby at a Newcastle residence. The child was rushed to the hospital, but succumbed to his injuries two days later.

An investigation revealed the boy had suffered severe internal bleeding in the brain and extensive hemorrhaging behind the eyes. Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn stated that Smiley was caring for the child at the time of the fatal injuries. Authorities arrested Smiley on April 15th and charged him with first-degree murder.

Smiley’s arraignment took place on April 25th, with a hefty $5 million bond set. Mashburn emphasized strict conditions for Smiley’s release, including a no-contact order with the victim’s family, mandatory ankle monitoring, and complete disarmament. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 22nd.

In a heart-wrenching statement, District Attorney Mashburn declared, “This is a profound loss of a young life. We are committed to fierce prosecution, ensuring justice for this voiceless victim.”

Disturbingly, court documents reveal a prior incident involving Smiley and the child’s mother. Authorities arrested him in January 2023 on domestic assault and battery charges for physically abusing the woman while pregnant, KFOR-TV reported. In June of that year, Smiley pleaded guilty to assaulting her with broken door fragments during an argument.

Records show a McClain County judge sentenced Smiley to a 13-month probationary term ending in July 2024. A key condition of the probation was compliance with the law, which his recent arrest clearly violated.


  1. As per usual Canadian liberal government are not allowing Canadian citizens to see news articles or videos.

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