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NYPD cop busted for shoplifting $700 worth of groceries from New York market

According to police, an NYPD officer from the Bronx reportedly took groceries without paying from a supermarket in Yonkers. He was caught when he returned to the store a week later to steal additional items.

As per the Yonkers Police Department, Aaron Cataquet, who is a 27-year-old New York police officer with five years of experience, has been accused of stealing $690 worth of groceries from the Tuckahoe ShopRite store. This accusation is based on the identification made through the use of face recognition technology.

According to sources and police officers, Cataquet, who passed the NYPD sergeant’s exam, was reportedly observed loading his car with stolen merchandise at a food store in Westchester County on April 29.

It is claimed that he came back on May 7 and was identified by the store’s security personnel, who then alerted the authorities.

Cops stated that Cataquet was captured on surveillance cameras exiting the establishment with the items and placing them in his vehicle in both instances.

According to the police, he is facing charges of committing petty larceny and then given a desk-appearance ticket, allowing him to be released until his next court date.

On Thursday, the NYPD announced that Cataquet has been suspended without pay while awaiting the case’s results.

Last year, his earnings amounted to $59,091 as reported in public records.

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