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Motorized Hang Glider Brings Cuban Migrants to Florida’s Key West Airport

In an unusual spectacle, two Cuban migrants made a daring entrance into Key West International Airport in Florida on Saturday using a motorized hang glider. The landing occurred at around 10:30 a.m. and was reported by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

The two men emerged from the incident unscathed and were immediately transferred to the custody of the U.S. Border Patrol. Richard Strickland, director of airports at Key West International Airport, confirmed that there were no disruptions in service and that the airport operations continued as usual.

Although the Sunshine State has seen a recent surge in Cuban migrants, they usually arrive by sea instead of air. Thousands of Cubans have been forced to make the dangerous journey across the Straits of Florida due to economic hardship and the country’s continued authoritarian leadership.

According to U.S. Border Patrol Chief Agent Walter Slosar, the federal law enforcement agency’s Miami Sector has witnessed “over a 400 percent increase in migrant encounters” since October 1st.

Motorized Hang Glider Brings Cuban Migrants to Key West Airport
U.S. Border Patrol took the two male Cuban migrants into custody. (MCSO – Florida Keys/Facebook)
Motorized Hang Glider Brings Cuban Migrants to Key West Airport
The two Cuban migrants used a motorized hang glider to travel into Florida by air. (MCSO – Florida Keys/Facebook)

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