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Cars competing for who can blast Celine Dion songs the loudest plunge New Zealand city into chaos

In the tranquil embrace of Porirua, a picturesque city nestled on New Zealand’s North Island, an unexpected symphony of sound has erupted, transforming the night into a battleground of sonic supremacy. This peculiar subculture, fueled by an insatiable thirst for auditory dominance, has divided the community, leaving some in awe and others utterly exasperated.

Under the cloak of darkness, as the stars emerge to adorn the velvety sky, Porirua awakens to an electrifying blend of Celine Dion’s soaring melodies and the rhythmic pulse of reggae. These audacious serenades, echoing through the stillness of the night, have become the soundtrack to a heated battle of musical prowess, local news The Spinoff reported.

Cars competing for who can blast Celine Dion songs the loudest plunge New Zealand city into chaos
In Porirua, individuals engage in a competition to determine who can produce the loudest music from their automobiles. (SWAT Team via The Spinoff)

A chorus of discontent has arisen among some residents, their peaceful slumber shattered by the relentless cacophony. Hours on end, they are forced to endure this auditory assault, their pleas for tranquility falling on deaf ears. One weary resident laments, “I’m sick of the disturbing of the peace that sometimes goes on for hours. While I enjoy Celine Dion in the comfort of my lounge and at my volume, I do not enjoy hearing fragments of it stopping and starting at any time between 7 pm and 2 am.”

To truly grasp the allure of this peculiar phenomenon, one must delve into the enigmatic depths of the music itself. Celine Dion’s power ballads, with their soaring treble and minimal bass, are perfectly suited for this sonic showdown. Reggae, too, finds itself in the spotlight, its clarity and vibrancy enduring even at ear-splitting volumes.

Paul Lesoa, a founding member of the group “Switching Without A Trace” – or SWAT, as they are commonly known – sheds light on their unique musical style. The group’s “siren jams” are distinctive high-pitched remixes played over powerful sound systems or “sirens.”

However, not everyone appreciates this musical spectacle. Mayor Anita Baker expressed her disdain in a Guardian interview, saying, “They play half a song and tweak it on their things and make a screeching noise so it is not like you’re even listening to good music. I don’t mean to be awful, but it’s not even a complete song.”

As the sun dips below the horizon and the siren battles commence, Porirua transforms into a pulsating arena of sonic warfare. The city, nestled in a basin, vibrates with the rhythmic intensity of this musical duel. For some, these battles have become a form of exhilarating entertainment, a testament to their audacity. For others, however, it’s an irksome “subculture” that invades their nights and disrupts their peaceful existence.

Cars competing for who can blast Celine Dion songs the loudest plunge New Zealand city into chaos
In New Zealand, clusters of young males engage in nocturnal “clashes” to determine the highest volume and clarity of music played, which even includes Celine Dion’s renowned song “My Heart Will Go On.” (AFP via Getty Images)

Over 300 residents have expressed their discontent by signing a petition titled “Stop the car meets blasting excessively loud music and siren noises in Porirua.” Their message is clear: “My Heart Will Go On” can’t go on any longer, and enough is enough.

Porirua’s subculture of late-night music battles is a peculiar phenomenon, a cacophony that has piqued both curiosity and consternation. The battlefields may be car speakers, and the weapons may be treble-heavy ballads, but the repercussions resonate throughout the city. It’s a conundrum that has divided a community, as some relish in the music battles, while others yearn for the return of their peaceful nights.

Cars competing for who can blast Celine Dion songs the loudest plunge New Zealand city into chaos
Siren fights have gained popularity as a type of amusement for certain individuals, while serving as an irritating “subculture” for others. (SWAT Team via The Spinoff)

In the heart of this melodious chaos, the city’s future hangs in the balance. How will the Porirua City Council and Mayor Anita Baker navigate this discordant symphony? Will they quell the nighttime battles or allow this “subculture” to flourish? The answers, like the music that rings through the night, remain shrouded in intrigue, waiting to be unveiled.

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