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Naked Florida Man Stalker Caught on Video Knocking on Little Girl’s Window

(The AEGIS Alliance) – SANTA ROSA COUNTY, FLORIDA A young Florida girl’s parents’ installed a security camera on their property last weekend and discovered a disturbing surprise in the footage.

In the video footage captured a naked neighbor who had trespassed onto their property just about every night who repeatedly knocked on the window of their 7-year-old daughter’s bedroom. The discovery was bizarre but over the weekend the culprit is now facing felony charges against him, according to a statement by authorities on Tuesday.

50-year-old Eric William Straight was placed under arrest on Sunday and is charged with aggravated stalking and trespassing, the Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office said.

The young girl’s parents’ suspicions were raised that someone was on their property just this month and they made the decision to install a surveillance camera outside. The pervert is seen on the camera footage leisurely strolling around the property, then he’s seen knocking on the child’s bedroom window on at least three different nights last week, one of the visits was at 1:30 a.m. in the early morning, Sheriff Bob Johnson stated.

“I can’t make this up. A 50-year-old man, naked, knocking on a 7-year-old girl’s window,” Sheriff Johnson told reporters on Tuesday.

Straight, who has been described as being a “professed nudist,” even removed the screen off of the window, which suggests he had “planned to have physical interaction of some kind,” the sheriff mentioned at a press release live-streamed by local news station WEAR.

“You can’t say he was there for any other purpose,” Sheriff Johnson told reporters.

The sheriff declined to give out Straight’s address unless reporters asked privately after the news release because the child victim lived only next door to him. We will not be releasing Straight’s whereabouts in order to better protect the innocent young girl, and we suggest other media outlets also refrain from releasing the information.

The sheriff gave praise to the child’s parents for taking action and helping to catch the creepy neighbor. The sheriff said things would have a different ending if Straight would have targeted his children.

“I have a funny feeling that if that was my 7-year-old daughter, and I do have a daughter, but if she was 7 years old and this dude was outside her window naked, it wouldn’t have ended well for him. I don’t know if he would’ve been arrested,” Sheriff Johnson stated firmly.

Straight has since bailed out of jail after paying his bond amount, but a restraining order was issued by authorities that prohibit him from stepping foot onto his neighbors’ property and he must not have any contact with the child.

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