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Cannon Hinnant’s Family Mourns His Death, the 5-Year-Old Shot in North Carolina

The world has been captivated by the heartbreaking story of Cannon Hinnant, a 5-year-old boy from North Carolina who tragically lost his life a week ago. However, to his family, Cannon was much more than just a victim. He was a vibrant and energetic child, filled with love and humor.

Gwen Hinnant, Cannon’s grandmother, described him as a bundle of life and joy in an interview with USA TODAY. As a doting grandmother, Gwen always made sure to be ready whenever Cannon paid her a visit. Whether it was biking, riding lawnmowers, or 4-wheelers, Cannon had an undeniable affinity for anything on wheels. But it was his sense of humor that truly stood out.

One particular memory that brings laughter to Gwen’s heart is when Cannon was only 4 years old. During a visit with his two older sisters, Gwen playfully posed a question to Cannon, “Will you take care of me when I’m old?” Without missing a beat, Cannon cheekily replied, “You’re already old, grandma.” This amusing exchange perfectly epitomized Cannon’s playful spirit.

Gwen fondly recalls how Cannon’s love was boundless. He loved engaging in water gun battles and even had a fascination with money, always asking his father, Austin Hinnant, for a small sum of $2. Cannon had a knack for spreading joy to everyone he encountered.

While Cannon primarily resided with his mother, Bonny Waddell, and stepfather, Lee Parker, he was visiting his father, Austin Hinnant, on that fateful weekend. Details regarding Cannon’s untimely death remain scarce, but Austin Hinnant shared his heart-wrenching account with local media outlet WRAL. Cannon was innocently riding his bicycle when the shocking incident occurred. It happened just hours after the family had attended church together. Austin Hinnant, who was inside the house at the time, heard the fatal gunshot. Rushing outside, he witnessed his precious son lying on the ground, and nearby, Darius Sessoms, a neighbor, brandishing a firearm.

In an anguished interview with WRAL, Austin expressed his disbelief and fury, asking why anyone would commit such a heinous act in front of Cannon’s two sisters. Despite his overwhelming rage and grief, he remained by Cannon’s side, tenderly embracing him, and desperately pleading for help to save his young son.

The 25-year-old Darius Sessoms now faces a first-degree murder charge for Cannon’s senseless killing. The heartrending story of this innocent child has reverberated throughout the nation, prompting an outpouring of support. To assist with the aftermath of Cannon’s tragic passing and provide therapies to his grieving sisters, Gwen Hinnant launched a GoFundMe campaign. The response has been overwhelming, with donations exceeding $800,000.

Gwen, looking toward the future, hopes to utilize the funds to create a lasting memorial for Cannon. One idea that resonates deeply with her is the establishment of a bike park for children. Such a project would honor Cannon’s memory and serve as a space where other children can experience the joy he cherished. With the nation rallying behind Cannon’s legacy, Gwen wishes to create something beautiful and everlasting in his name.

Together, let us remember Cannon Hinnant, a young boy whose vibrant spirit continues to touch the hearts of many. May his memory live on through acts of love, kindness, and the creation of a place where laughter and the sound of wheels will forever intertwine.


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