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Mystery ‘extraterrestrial’ creature baffles scientists: Looks ‘Exactly like a mermaid’

Pictures of a being — resembling a “mermaid extraterrestrial” — found stranded on an Australian coastline have caused a virtual frenzy among netizens as they rush to speculate the enigmatic creature’s true nature.

The eerie-seeming debris initially surfaced through a post in the marine biology Facebook community that is presently causing a stir on the internet.

“It was exactly like a mermaid shape,” age 34 uploader Bobbi-lee Oates said about the skeletal remains, which she came across while strolling along the seashore in Keppel Sands, Queensland.

“We were driving along the beach looking for a campsite, and we couldn’t help but notice how much the skull looked to be in the shape of a human’s,” the Aussie noted. “So we instantly stopped from the confusion as to what the hell could this be, and why does this look like a human skull?”

Pictures display the evident enigma of the sea, which truly features a dome-like human skull, and spread-out ribs that bring to mind the creature’s hair in the film “Predator.”

Mystery ‘extraterrestrial’ creature baffles scientists: Looks ‘Exactly like a mermaid’
“We were shocked because it looked human to start with,” Bobbi-lee Oates stated. (Bobbi-lee Oates/Facebook)

Oates, who approximated that the creature was 6 feet in length, depicted that “It had a human-shaped skull with an elongated jawline, and hair similar to the color of a cow or kangaroo, but with hair missing in many places due to decomposition.”

Oates added that “It was exactly like a mermaid shape, but hairy because it seemed to have a tail or limb of some sort,” added the aghast gal, who was “shocked” over the corpse’s human-like countenance.

The seashore scavenger mentioned that at first, she believed she had stumbled upon a “miracle new species.”

Anticipating to discover the seemingly extraordinary creature of cryptozoology, Oates consulted the Facebook community, questioning “wondering if anyone has any idea what it is or who I could possibly get to find out exactly what it is.”

Mystery ‘extraterrestrial’ creature baffles scientists: Looks ‘Exactly like a mermaid’
Scientists thought the remains were that of a sea mammal of some kind. (Bobbi-lee Oates/Facebook)

Amateur armchair scientists were ready to offer their hypotheses with one suggesting “Doesn’t look like a marine animal. It’s got a leg. It’s also very hairy.”

Others penned, perchance in jest, that the entity was a “mermaid” or “siren.”

“Contact a local police department, that looks human,” a commenter suggested.

Nevertheless, certain pragmatists proposed that it was an ordinary, non-legendary being. “Looks like a dead seal/sea lion,” one commenter assumed, while one other guessed, “Likely a dolphin of some sort.”

“The head is twisted back on the body, snout tucked under the neck,” the commenter mentioned.

“Highly decomposed, but not completely. Concerned that the flukes look cut off in a straight line.”

“That is a one-legged kangaroo carcass,” a third said.

Mystery ‘extraterrestrial’ creature baffles scientists: Looks ‘Exactly like a mermaid’
The remains appeared on a well-liked shore in Queensland, Australia. (Bobbi-lee Oates/Facebook)

In the meantime, zoological specialists surmised that the remains pertained to an aquatic mammal of some kind.

Rob Deaville, supervisor for the UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme at the Zoological Society of London, put forward a hypothesis, following a thorough examination of the images, “definitely looks like a small cetacean to me.” He added, “I’m not familiar with the area nor which species are normally found there, so can’t really take it any further than that.”

Oates’ search continued on “I still have not found out what it was. I was hoping someone would comment saying what it was, but the comments were all so different.”

If you ask us, in the photo where behind it is visible, there’s clearly a leg socket joint next to the leg. The other leg simply detached from being in the ocean. So it’s definitely an ordinary marine mammal such as a sea lion or seal.

This is not the first occasion when an extraterrestrial-like being on a shoreline has greatly perplexed the online community.

A South African gentleman caused panic amidst the digital crowds in 2022 following capturing an image of what seemed to be extraterrestrials surfacing from the ocean. However, it turned out to just be aloe vera plants that washed up ashore and came from a desert area.

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