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Kansas City pastor calls congregation broke because they didn’t buy him a watch

He was WATCHing the churchgoers’ pockets closely.

A pastor in Kansas City, Missouri insulted his churchgoers in a rant saying they were “poor, broke, busted and disgusted” for denying him a luxurious timepiece.

Carlton Funderburke at Church of the Well apologized to his congregation on Tuesday in a live Facebook video.

Funderburke’s remarks made on August 7 had been exposed on TikTok by the Kansas City Defender, through which he particularly requests a Movado brand watch.

“This is how I know you’re still poor, broke, busted and disgusted, because of how you’ve been honoring me. I’m not worth your McDonald’s money? I’m not worth your Red Lobster money?” he ranted in the video clip. “And y’all know I asked for one last year. Here it is all the way in August and I still ain’t got it!”

He indicated that Movado time-keepers could be bought at Sam’s Club. They range from between $300 to $3,000.

“I would’ve left so fast and loudly oh no sir,” someone balked in the comments.

In his apology, Carlton Funderburke claimed the online video was without context yet recognized that “no context will suffice to explain the hurt and anguish caused by my words.”

“I’ve spoken to those I am accountable to and have received their correction and instruction,” Funderburke mentioned while apologizing. “I have also privately apologized to our church, who has extended their love and support to me.”

Carlton Funderburke shalt not covet thine Movato, Sam’s Club!



Kansas City Pastor GOES OFF on congregation calling them “poor, broke busted and disgusted” because they didn’t give him enough money to buy a new watch he’s been wanting. It’s pastors like these that give the church a bad name smh an also why a lot of our generation left the church. What y’all think? 🤔

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