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Hundreds of teens break into Texas home for ‘mansion rager’ party

(The AEGIS Alliance) – Earlier this month, a Texas family returned home to find their house damaged and littered with beer cans and clothes left behind by hundreds of high schoolers. The party, dubbed a “mansion rager,” was promoted on social media without the family’s consent, local Austin news FOX 7 reported.

The homeowner recounted receiving multiple phone calls from concerned neighbors about kids on their property, and upon arriving home, he witnessed the chaos and damage caused by the rowdy teens. The party-goers had already fled the scene by the time he arrived.

A broken TV caused by the rowdy teens.
A broken TV caused by rowdy teens.

The family, who do not have any high-school-aged children, is unsure why their home was targeted. The party promotion was shared on Snapchat and advertised as BYOB and BYOW, with an end time listed as the arrival of the police. The party was attended by teens from several high schools in the Greater Austin area.

The damage caused by the party was significant, with broken gates, doors, and smashed TV screens. The homeowner reported that tools had been thrown through the sheetrock in their garage, and avocados had been thrown at the wall. The party-goers even left their clothes behind, which were branded with local high school names.

Damage on the exterior of the house caused by the party break in goeers.
Damage on the exterior of the house caused by the party break-in goers.

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident, and the homeowner is calling for more consequences for those responsible. This incident is reminiscent of a similar event in Florida, where teens broke into an $8 million mansion and caused extensive damage without the owners’ knowledge or consent.

“There seem to be little consequences for these actions, and I feel like it’ll keep getting worse if we don’t get to the bottom of things like this,” the homeowner said.

The mansion rager party invite on SnapChat.
The mansion rager party invite on SnapChat.
A tool shoved into a wall at the wild party.
A tool shoved into a wall at the wild party.

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