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Elderly woman’s stovetop obliterated by ‘rocket’ can of disinfectant spray

Upon leaving her residence, an aged female did not anticipate that her cooktop would be completely destroyed upon her swift trip to the local stores.

The machine was not just ruined, it also caused a round opening in the ceiling directly above it. This fact was mentioned by a resident who visited to identify the cause of a loud noise.

The elderly lady set the oven to heat up before departing, so that it would be ready for her to start cooking right away when she came back.

Unbeknownst to her, she had also activated the stovetop, on which a nearly full container of disinfecting Glen20 spray had been placed.

During her absence, the extremely combustible container became so hot that it erupted with such intensity that it not only pierced the ceiling, but also burst through the rooftop.

“It shot straight up like a rocket,” uttered Jake Whalan, head of DYAD Constructions, who was summoned to tackle the consequences.

Several months back, an outburst took place at the lady’s dwelling in Redcliffe, situated in the southeast region of Queensland.

“It actually happened in the morning but she initially just thought her cooktop exploded. It wasn’t until her neighbor came that they worked out what had happened,” Jake Whalan noted.

Elderly womans stovetop obliterated by rocket can of disinfectant spray
The blast of the overheated Glen20 can led to an aperture in the roof. (Facebook/@DYAD Constructions PTY LTD)

“He looked up and saw a hole and started scratching his head.”

The duo then confirmed that it was the Glen20 container that produced the harm and despite an extensive exploration outdoors, they couldn’t find the container.

The appliance was disconnected by DYAD Constructions in order to prevent any additional harm, and the woman’s insurance ultimately handled the repair and replacement.

While examining the disorder, however, it was discovered that the lady’s roof had asbestos, resulting in a prolonged delay in her ability to go back to her residence.

According to Mr. Whalan, the vacuum she employed to clear the debris from the ceiling was so damaged that it had to be disposed of.

“This was definitely one of the more interesting jobs we’ve been called out to,” Whalan added. “It’s one of the stories that gets told over and over again.”

After a few months, when he checked back with the lady, she informed him that her insurance had “sorted out everything.”

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