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Pennsylvania Man Allegedly Steals Bus While Naked, Intending to Use Dead Deer as Fertilizer for Garden

Authorities have apprehended a 25-year-old Dillsburgh, Pennsylvania man who stands accused of stealing a school bus and evading police during a pursuit.

As per a statement by the Carroll Township Police Department, officers were alerted about a stolen school bus in Abbottstown on Tuesday, April 4, around 7:10 a.m. Upon investigation, the officers spotted the school bus at the parking lot of Giant Foods and Rite Aid, with its lights flickering on and off.

According to reports, law enforcement officials revealed that the bus ultimately exited the parking lot and proceeded towards Route 15 North. Upon reaching the Mechanicsburg/Bowmansdale exit on Route 15, officers pursued the vehicle and attempted to conduct a traffic stop. Allegedly, the bus pulled over near the junction of the Pennsylvania Turnpike before swiftly departing onto Route 15, maneuvering through various lanes of traffic.

As per law enforcement officials, the automobile subsequently departed from the expressway and “crossed a raised bank, almost tipping over the bus” before proceeding towards Gettysburg Road.

According to reports, Tony Saunders, the bus driver, fled the scene on foot and made his way into a nearby wooded area. Law enforcement officials engaged in a pursuit of Saunders, who seemingly navigated through crowded areas with ease. Shockingly, during the chase, Saunders began to shed his clothing as he evaded police.

Saunders was apprehended while in the buff and purportedly admitted to purloining the bus following a collision with a BMW.

Saunders disclosed during a police interrogation that he had stowed a deer carcass in the rear of the bus with the intention of utilizing it as “fertilizer for his garden.”

After being accused of fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer, receiving stolen property, resisting arrest or other law enforcement, and reckless driving, he was taken into custody and later booked into the York County Jail.


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