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Police: man claiming to be ‘Baby Danielle’, broke into daycare center, asked staff to cooperate while he stole diapers

A daycare center in New York was repeatedly targeted by a 65-year-old man who allegedly stole diapers and left peculiar notes for staff. The notes requested that they pretend he was a baby girl and “play along”. The man has been arrested and charged with multiple break-ins.

On February 18, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office detained Daniel R. Seeler, a 65-year-old Holley resident, for purportedly trespassing into the Inspire! Learning and Childcare facility located in the town of Clarkson, approximately 20 miles to the west of Rochester.

According to a report by WHAM 13, an employee at the center discovered $120 along with a note on January 30th. The note inquired about the availability of adult-sized diapers and requested that the employees “play along.” The center’s director reported the incident to the authorities. A week later, staff members found another note accompanied by $200 that closely resembled the first note.

Following the initial incident, the daycare center took proactive measures by installing a surveillance camera and promptly notifying the police.

Early in the morning of February 11th, the surveillance system at the daycare center notified the staff of some activity. Upon reaching the facility, the director discovered that the diaper bin had been tampered with and that someone had left behind another note and additional funds.

According to WHAM 13, a note was found that contained specifications for pants, shoes, bras, and dresses. The note also revealed that the individual desired to role-play as a baby girl and identified themselves as “Baby Danielle.”

On the ensuing Saturday, the security system once more caught the attention of the staff, revealing footage of a man attempting to combine numerous diapers to create a larger one. According to the director, the man hastily fled to the bathroom, where he proceeded to put on the diaper, before quickly re-dressing and fleeing the child care center.

The police received another call from the director, who detailed the contents of a video she had observed. The footage reportedly showed Seeler consuming half a bottle of formula, donning a bib, and absconding with three diapers.

According to WHAM, Daniel R. Seeler faced charges of burglary and petit larceny, which led to his arrest. However, he was later released after being issued an appearance ticket. Seeler admitted to the series of events and contended that he was battling addiction.

The proprietor of the daycare center noted the staff was unfamiliar with Daniel R. Seeler, and in response, they have implemented additional safety precautions on the premises.

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