FBI-led operation locates 84 child sex-trafficking victims

(The AEGIS Alliance) – An investigation led by the FBI referred to as “Operation Cross Country” led to identifying and locating 84 juveniles and minors, the Department of Justice pointed out the children were victims of “child sex trafficking and child sexual exploitation.”

Over three dozen actively missing youngsters had apparently been discovered during that countrywide hunt, authorities revealed on Monday.

“The Justice Department is committed to doing everything in our power to combat the insidious crimes of human trafficking that devastate survivors and their families,” Attorney General Merrick Garland pointed out in a statement applauding law enforcement partners, included is the FBI for its relentless efforts.

Garland additionally pledged to offer assistance and services for sufferers uncovered because of the Justice Department’s efforts.

FBI Director Christopher Wray said human trafficking is among the “most heinous” criminal offenses the agency handles and pledged to carry on fighting sex-related exploitation.

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“Unfortunately, such crimes — against both adults and children — are far more common than most people realize,” Wray mentioned in the DOJ declaration on Monday recognizing federal government efforts to face the problem.

Also for identifying adolescent victims, the feds assisted in finding greater than 140 adult victims of human trafficking, the agency asserted. The youngest victim found in the course of Operation Cross Country was stated to be only 11 years of age.

“Agents and investigators also identified or arrested 85 suspects of child sexual exploitation and human trafficking offenses,” the Justice Department said.

Special agents apparently coordinated with 200 state, local area, as well as federal partners, and also the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, to carry out 391 operations throughout an effort that went on for two weeks in August.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children president Michelle DeLaune stated, “We’re proud to support the FBI’s efforts to prioritize the safety of children.”

She included that these nationwide efforts function to remind child care experts to proactively protect youngsters from getting targeted by child predators.

News of Operation Cross Country’s effectiveness came as conservative politicians featuring Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene have made demands that the FBI to needs to be dismantled or defunded after its search of former President Donald Trump’s Florida property, where authorities with the FBI assert top secret documents had been wrongfully stashed.

“DEFUND THE FBI!” the congresswoman tweeted recently.

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele told Greene in a tweet to “be less stupid.”

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