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Former Palm Beach Deputy Goes to Prison for Stealing from Kids’ Charity

He Stole from Children of Wounded Warriors


In a shocking case that has rocked the community of West Palm Beach, Florida, a former Palm Beach sheriff’s deputy has been sentenced to five years in prison for embezzling $50,000 from a children’s charity. Robert “Bobby” Simeone, aged 49, pleaded guilty to 30 felony charges related to three separate cases. This article provides an overview of the case and highlights the illegal activities carried out by Simeone.

The Case

Robert Simeone, who previously served as a deputy for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department, was arrested in February on charges of embezzlement and fraud. Despite facing 30 felony counts, prosecutors dropped 27 of the charges, leaving Simeone to face the consequences of the remaining charges.

Illegal Kickbacks Scheme

According to evidence presented by prosecutors, Simeone paid two operators at a sober living home to refer patients to his treatment center. This practice, commonly known as patient brokering, is illegal in Florida. The state prohibits the offering of commission payments, bribes, or kickbacks in exchange for patient referrals to healthcare providers.

Financial Investigation

Investigators specializing in financial crimes closely examined Simeone’s and his wife’s bank accounts, as well as a non-profit organization called Children of Wounded Warriors based in Boynton Beach. The investigation revealed that between 2015 and 2019, a total of $73,556 was deposited into the charity’s bank account. Shockingly, $49,037 of that money was later transferred from the charity’s account and deposited into Simeone’s personal and business bank accounts.

Conviction and Sentencing

Simeone faced a total of 26 charges, including conspiracy to commit patient brokering, patient brokering, grand theft, money laundering, and an organized scheme to defraud. On Tuesday, a judge issued a five-year prison sentence for Simeone, ensuring that justice was served for his crimes. Simeone will now have to serve his time behind bars.


The case of Robert Simeone, the former Palm Beach sheriff’s deputy, has shed light on the importance of upholding ethical standards in the healthcare industry. Simeone’s actions not only defrauded a children’s charity but also compromised the trust placed in law enforcement officers. By highlighting this case, we hope to raise awareness about the consequences of such illegal activities and emphasize the need for transparency and integrity in our society.


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