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Arkansas officer arrested after trying to have sex with undercover cop posing as underage girl

A policeman from Arkansas, who previously bragged about being a person young individuals admire, was apprehended in Texas for supposedly attempting to engage in sexual activities with a minor girl. However, it was later revealed that the girl was an undercover officer. This information was provided by officials.

Telvin Wilson, a 31-year-old law enforcement officer from Texarkana, Arkansas, found himself implicated in a recent criminal case along with two other individuals. These charges arose as a result of a covert operation carried out by the police in Texarkana, Texas – a city that shares a name and borders Arkansas and Texas.

According to authorities, law enforcement officers from Texas posted a counterfeit advertisement on a notorious prostitution website. Subsequently, they assumed the identity of an individual claiming to be a minor girl when the men responded to the advertisement.

As per authorities, despite the decoy informing all three men that she was underage, they still expressed a desire to meet up and solicit her for sexual services. The individuals in question are being referred to as alleged creeps.

“When the guys showed up and knocked, they were shocked when several police officers answered the door instead of the young girl they were expecting,” the cops in Texarkana, Texas noted.

Arkansas officer arrested after trying to have sex with undercover cop posing as underage girl
Wilson continued to rendezvous with the decoy despite being informed of her underage status. (Facebook/Texarkana Arkansas Police Department)
Arkansas officer arrested after trying to have sex with undercover cop posing as underage girl
According to authorities, the police have disclosed that the sting operation occurred for a duration of two consecutive days. (Facebook/Texarkana Arkansas Police Department)

According to authorities, Wilson was accused of engaging in sexual conduct with a minor online and was then assigned a bail amount of $100,000.

Following the arrest, the Texarkana, Arkansas police department promptly terminated Wilson’s employment upon being informed, as confirmed by officials in communication with Fox News Digital.

According to a post published on Facebook in February, Wilson hails from Texarkana, Texas, and commenced his professional journey with the Arkansas Department in 2016.

Arkansas officer arrested after trying to have sex with undercover cop posing as underage girl
Wilson is the father of two young kids who are under his care. (Facebook/Texarkana Arkansas Police Department)

In the post, Telvin Wilson expressed his appreciation for being a person “that our young people can come and talk to.”

“I have always wanted to be that officer that is able to communicate with the public and be comfortable while doing so,” he mentioned.

“I am a proud father of two, who I enjoy spending time with. When I am off duty I enjoy going to the gym and working out,” Wilson added.

Adarius Wills, aged 33, and James Willis, aged 37, were the additional suspects apprehended in the operation. Wills faces accusations of engaging in sexual misconduct with a minor through online communication and distributing marijuana. On the other hand, Willis is charged with online solicitation of a minor involving sexual conduct, delivering a controlled substance, resisting arrest, evading arrest, putting a child at risk with the intention to return, and possessing a controlled substance.

According to authorities, the police reported that the undercover sting operation took place over a couple of days.

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