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10 sex-crazed prison guards, staffers participated in jacuzzi orgies, 1 even refused to work unless they had intercourse first

Belgium’s largest correctional facility is currently facing a scandalous situation involving guards and staff partaking in explicit sexual activities, as outlined in a local report.

Ten individuals employed at the Lantin Prison near Liège have been accused of hosting after-work sex parties and engaging in sexual acts with each other during their shifts. One staff member has been labeled a “nymphomaniac” who allegedly coerced colleagues into having sex with her on the job.

The parties were predominantly held in a male guard’s jacuzzi, referred to as “P.” During these gatherings, the participants would randomly select their sexual partners by drawing colorful bracelets. The “nymphomaniac” staff member, referred to as “S,” was known to demand sexual favors from co-workers as a requirement for fulfilling her duties.

Allegations suggest that “S” was granted access to a senior official’s office for engaging in sexual activities with fellow staff members during work hours. The Lantin Prison, which houses both male and female inmates, is categorized as a minimum-security facility and is considered the largest of its kind in Belgium.

The source of these events being uncovered seems to have been initiated by “S’s” brother, who is an inmate at Lantin Prison. He was imprisoned for murdering a gay man. The source noted that “S” used to visit her brother regularly and was overly friendly with the families of other inmates while waiting in the visitors’ area. To everyone’s shock, she transitioned from a visitor to a prison officer seemingly overnight.

Following the incident, the brother was transferred to Huy Prison, roughly 30 minutes away from Lantin Prison. The jacuzzi owner has been prohibited from entering the women’s wing due to alleged sexual activities with female inmates, although it remains unclear if other staff members were involved in engaging in sexual acts with inmates.

As a solution to control “S’s” sexual urges, she has been relocated to work solely in the women’s wing. An official inquiry has been launched to investigate the allegations, and the prison administration has assured the public that they are taking the matter seriously.

The Federal Public Service Justice Department of Belgium stated that they were made aware of the situation by the media and have initiated an internal investigation. Any updates on the matter are yet to be disclosed by the authorities.

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