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EAST RIDGE, TENNESSEE – Man Charged with Arson and Cruelty to Animals, Set Fire to Grandmother’s Home

A shocking incident unfolded in East Ridge, Tennessee, as a man set fire to a room in his grandmother’s house while two innocent dogs were trapped inside. The East Ridge Police and have reported this distressing event, revealing the details of the incident and the subsequent charges faced by the perpetrator.

On the fateful day of Tuesday, May 5, authorities received an urgent call regarding a residential fire in the 3800 blocks of Kingwood Circle. Responding swiftly, police and firefighters arrived at the scene. The resident of the house informed the officers that there were two dogs confined to a room where the fire had originated.

An investigation by the East Ridge Police Department (ERPD) unearthed compelling evidence suggesting that the fire had been intentionally set. Additionally, it was discovered that a bottle of vodka had gone missing from the house. The grandmother of the accused, who resides in the same house, informed the police that Dustin Sneed was the only person who knew the location of the stored vodka.

Crucial eyewitness accounts from patrons at a nearby diner shed further light on the incident. Witnesses reported seeing Sneed in possession of a bottle of vodka, which he dropped inside the diner. Before leaving, he requested matches. As he exited the establishment, Sneed poured vodka in front of the exit doors and discarded the bottle outside the building. Law enforcement authorities successfully recovered the discarded bottle, confirming its match to the one taken from the house on Kingwood Circle.

The police report also includes a description provided by the diner owner, who noticed “dark coloring” on Sneed’s nose and face.

Following a thorough investigation, Dustin Sneed was apprehended by the East Ridge Police on May 13. He now faces a slew of charges, including arson, aggravated arson, vandalism, aggravated burglary, and aggravated cruelty to animals.

This distressing incident serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible behavior and the severe consequences that can arise from reckless actions. The East Ridge community, along with concerned citizens nationwide, hopes for swift justice in this case and sends their thoughts and prayers to the affected dogs and their owners during this difficult time.


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