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Maryland Pediatrician Convicted of Sexually Abusing Patient, Faces Numerous Indictments

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(The AEGIS Alliance) – BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – A pediatrician in Maryland was convicted of the sexual abuse of an 18 year old patient who he’d been treating for many years since she was just a baby.

On Friday, Dr. Ernesto Torres was convicted of fourth degree sexual offense of a patient and second degree assault of the same patient. However, Torres was found not guilty to charges of second degree rape.

The judge gave the ruling that the pediatrician did not use force during the assault, so Torres was found not guilty of a rape charge, according to Prosecutor Charles Smith. Torres is expected to be sentenced to prison next month in December.

The initial indictment of Torres for the assault that happened in April led to 11 additional victims coming forward, Authorities said. Torres is now facing indictment on 65 more charges, which include 43 counts of third degree sex offenses, and nine counts of sexual abuse against children.

These allegations took place across the entire medical career of Dr. Ernesto Torres, which began in 1979.

Video provided by WJZ13 CBS Baltimore:

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