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Expert: Extraterrestrials will most likely contact artificial intelligence before humans due to likely ‘kinship’

According to an astronomy expert from Harvard University, it is probable that extraterrestrial beings will communicate with artificial intelligence prior to humans, as these aliens may relate to human-made technology.

“My expectation from interstellar travel is that it’s best done with electronic gadgets and devices rather than with biological creatures because the journey takes a long time,” Harvard professor Avi Loeb noted in a new documentary titled “God Vs. Aliens.”

“Even to the nearest star, it will take us 50,000 years to get there with chemical rockets. And artificial intelligence systems have that patience… and then they can remain dormant, so that they survive the journey,” Loeb stated.

Various space organizations globally, such as NASA and the European Space Agency, have been utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) for several years to map out galaxies and celestial bodies, and even dispatch automated machines to different planets.

According to Loeb, aliens would probably contact artificial intelligence first rather than humans because of a probable “kinship”.

“If they visit us, of course, we can use our AI systems to interpret their AI systems. And, you know, they might feel a kinship to them,” the Harvard professor mentioned.

At present, Loeb is exploring the Pacific Ocean in pursuit of a subject that collided in the vicinity of Papua New Guinea approximately six years ago.

The information indicates that the entity came from beyond the solar system and was identified by NASA as the primary documented interstellar meteor that impacted Earth.

Expert: Extraterrestrials will most likely contact artificial intelligence before humans due to likely ‘kinship’
According to Harvard professor Avi Loeb, aliens would probably contact artificial intelligence first rather than humans because of a probable “kinship”. (Boston Globe via Getty Images)

According to Loeb’s blog documenting the expedition, it has been observed by Loeb that the item is more durable than the other 272 meteors analyzed by NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies. Loeb is currently investigating whether the object “was a vehicle created by a civilization from another planet.”

On Wednesday, the professor from Harvard said that he and his group had already obtained “breaking news” from their investigation: They stumbled upon a tiny, magnetic ball made up predominantly of iron, along with magnesium and titanium, but no nickel.

“The fundamental question is obvious: was this first recognized interstellar object from 2014 manufactured by a technological civilization? Upon our return, we could produce an alloy in the laboratory that has the same composition as we infer for the spherules and analyze the resulting material properties,” Avi Loeb said.

Should Loeb and his crew stumble upon a more substantial breakthrough during their expedition, artificial intelligence will have a significant impact.

Loeb stated that “If we discover a technological gadget at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, then AI will be needed to decipher its purpose and coded.”

The journey of Loeb is hailed by British artist and filmmaker Mark Lee Christopher, who helmed the soon-to-be-released documentary titled “God Vs. Aliens.”

“I have a lifelong interest in the UFO and the paranormal, initially inspired by a TV show in the UK called ‘Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World,’” Mark Lee said on Wednesday. “I’m a qualified scientist myself like Arthur C. Clarke, who invented the communication satellite as well as writer of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey.’ I take that scientific approach to UFOs. This is why I love what Avi Loeb is doing.”

Lee stated that his goal was to tackle “the grave concerns” surrounding the potential consequences if aliens were to establish communication with our planet. He specifically pondered whether this would lead to the fragmentation of religious beliefs or if humans would “achieve a greater level of spiritual enlightenment.”

“I also think if proof is released that we have been visited then we may need to reinterpret the great religious texts like the Torah and the Bible,” Lee argued.

The upcoming Amazon release “God Vs. Aliens” is scheduled to launch on July 4 and includes authorities like Loeb and former supervisor of UFOs for the UK Ministry of Defence, Nick Pope.

“Alien AI may reach out to our AI, which may be good in terms of helping us communicate better or they may bypass us biologically humans altogether,” Lee mentioned.

Lee came to the conclusion that “What is clear is that Ufology is now the domain of serious scientists and no longer the realm of conspiracy tinfoil hat folk.”


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