Did NASA Discover Alien Bones on Mars?

Is it feasible there used to be existence around the Red Planet?

Might be because astonishing pictures sent by NASA’s Curiosity Rover fired a significant debate among Ufologists. Experts repeat the objects within the images are not only common rock formations but instead alien bones on Mars. A YouTube channel named Martian archaeology, which shows numerous objects and rock formations in the videos, also highlights ‘bones’ in addition to a type(s) of bacteria.

Two images were taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover seem to show fossilised bones laying around the Red Planet’s surface.

However, because the images utilized in the recording are mainly cloudy and never sharp like the majority of the images printed by Ufologists, the ‘discovery’ remains sensational. Nigel Watson, who penned UFO Investigations Manual, states the actual issue is NASA neither supports nor explains such breakthroughs, which in turn causes individuals to believe that they could be either hiding the existence of aliens or they could be really dealing with aliens.

NASA’s Curiosity Rover taken a mysterious circular formation of rocks at first glance of Mars earlier this year.

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Kyle James Lee

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