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‘Incomprehensible cruelty’ – Ohio dad arrested for fatally shooting 3 sons execution-style in yard

A man who is 32 years old and a father living in Monroe Township, Ohio, is facing charges for what prosecutors are describing as an “incomprehensible cruelty” act. He is accused of fatally shooting his three sons who were young while they were outside in his yard.

On the afternoon of June 15th, a lady contacted the Sheriff’s Office in Clermont County, claiming her offspring had been shot. Shortly after, an individual who was driving along the same road called 911 to inform them that a young girl was sprinting down the street, proclaiming that her dad was murdering everyone.

Authorities arrived at a dwelling situated on the 1900 section of Laurel Lindale Road and discovered Chad Doerman seated outdoors next to a trio of unconscious young males in the garden, who had been wounded by gunfire. The officials attempted to revive the juveniles until emergency medical services arrived, but unfortunately, the adolescents did not survive their wounds.

Authorities additionally discovered a female in her mid-thirties who had sustained a gunshot injury to her hand that was not fatal and transported her to a medical facility.

As per the Clermont County Sheriff’s Department, those killed were minors aged 3, 4, and 7.

In a later press statement, the Sheriff’s Office in Clermont County declared that Doerman was apprehended for three charges of severe homicide.

As per WLWT-TV, David Gast, the prosecutor of Clermont County, stated in the courtroom that Doerman “arranged his three juvenile sons and carried out their killing using a firearm in his residence.”

Gast claimed that one of the boys fled, but Doerman “pursued that boy, returned him to the premises, and carried out his execution in front of people.”

Mark Tekulve, the prosecutor for Clermont County, stated that after practicing law for 35 years, he has never encountered a crime as repulsive and terrifying as this. He can only envision the fear that the young boys must have undergone.

Doerman is currently detained on a bond worth $20 million.

He may encounter more charges as the Prosecutor’s Office in Clermont County plans to submit the matter to a grand jury.

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