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“I found cameras inside my rental home and I’m horrified”

One mother who raises her children alone has shared her distress upon uncovering the presence of indoor surveillance cameras in her recently leased residence.

The mother with five children faced difficulties in locating an appropriate residence in Brisbane, Australia, and ultimately agreed to rent a property without personally inspecting it.

She mentioned that it was only a few days prior to her relocation when she stumbled upon the cameras, causing her concern that they were observing her.

“We don’t know who’s watching. Even if we cover the cameras we don’t know who can hear us,” the concerned mother said to 7News.

During a horrifying event, the woman alleged that she observed the camera illuminate as she strolled through the house dressed only in her undergarments.

Additionally, the woman informed ABC that apart from the cameras, there was another problem concerning the lights in the living room and bedroom, which couldn’t be switched off.

I found cameras inside my rental home and I’m horrified
The unmarried mother was terrified upon discovering that surveillance equipment had been set up in the rented premises. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

The stove top and heating needed to be shut down from their source, and the doors in the laundry, living room, and master bedroom were securely locked.

She expressed that the circumstances had made her feel “ill” as she believed she and her kids were under surveillance, and insisted on the removal of the surveillance devices.

The woman was given reassurances by the realtor that the cameras were not operational, only to later assert that they were mentioned in the initial advertisement for the property.

According to 7News, the initial advertisement did acknowledge the presence of a complete video surveillance setup but failed to specify its location within the premises.

The advertisement includes photographs displaying video cameras within the house, whereas some other pictures depict their absence.

Tim O’Dwyer, a real estate attorney, stated the circumstances were “very abnormal” and called the residence a “very scary house” to be living in.

“The owner has breached the tenancy agreement by not giving her quiet enjoyment,” lawyer O’Dwyer affirmed.

Although the woman had already vacated the property, the real estate agent has now consented to eliminate the surveillance devices.

Amid the deepening affordability crisis, the single mother of five is currently in a desperate search for an alternative place to reside.

“This has caused so much chaos in our lives,” she mentioned. “We had only just moved in, and now we have to uproot everything,” she added. “I am doing what any mother would do to protect their children, but now I have nowhere to go.”


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