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Massive protest against freedom of movement violations in Oxford, England!

Hello to you all, The AEGIS Alliance here with news of a huge protest in Oxford, England.

A vast crowd of thousands of individuals gathered in Oxford, England to demonstrate protests, against the implementation of measures that involve the closure of roads, to prevent drivers from passing through.

Activists congregated in Broad Street to voice their opposition to Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, (LTNs), and traffic filters in the city.

According to Oxfordshire County Council, their objectives are to alleviate traffic congestion and reduce air pollution.

Advocates argue that the measures enhance safety, while opponents contend that the limitations jeopardize the liberty of drivers.

The Thames Valley Police stated that they had a “proportionate policing presence” in response to the considerable turnout. Protesters witnessed the cops being heavy-handed against participants.

The police force also mentioned that Broad Street, South Parks Road, and Holywell Street had been shut down “for public safety.” The demonstrators were anticipated to proceed from the city center towards Cowley Road as part of their march.

The policies have sparked controversy, with previous protests taking place in residential streets, and incidents of security bollards installed for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) being set on fire and driven over.

Oxfordshire County Council implemented controversial Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) to prevent drivers from using residential streets as shortcuts by utilizing bollards or planters to block off access.

The authority approved six traffic filters to reduce unnecessary journeys and promote active modes of transportation such as walking, cycling, and the use of public or shared transport. This violates citizens’ right to freedom of movement.

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