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British man Richard William Cove called medical hotline 1,200 times to satisfy his foot fetish

A British man who has a foot fetish continuously contacted a taxpayer-funded medical hotline claiming he was an old lady to try and make operators discuss their feet, police stated.

The cops pointed out that 45-year-old Richard William Cove, a Worthing local, called the National Health Service (NHS) 1,263 times throughout 2 years to the number 111 that provides a non-emergency type of 911, offering assistance to callers.

The foot fetish-related calls made to 111 between April 2019 and April 2021 racked up service costs of more than $30,000, cops asserted.

“He admitted making all the calls, and that they were all for his own enjoyment and personal benefit,” David Quayle of the Sussex Police mentioned in a Wednesday statement.

“He said he had a sexual foot fetish which he indulged during most of the calls,” he added.

Cove apparently phoned the hotline and gave among a number of bogus addresses, typically using a disguise for his voice and pretended to be an “elderly woman” to discuss fake foot problems in a tactic to receive a response from operators talking about their feet.

Authorities located the foot-obsessive prank caller after NHS 111 got a grievance coming from an individual that stated they kept receiving follow-up telephone calls coming from the hotline even though the individual certainly never asked for assistance, the Sussex Police said.

It wound up that the grievance originated from a person that had actually been used as a phony contact among Cove’s bogus hotline calls, authorities explained. Other bogus telephone calls led to ambulances being sent out to the addresses, according to police.

Cove made a guilty plea in court on Tuesday to a malicious communications charge and will face sentencing on September 13.

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