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United Kingdom man gets paid to watch ‘The Simpsons’ for its predictions of the future

“Don’t have a cow man!” but there’s a man in the United Kingdom who’s living the dream of every diehard “The Simpsons” fan.

Alexander Townley undeniably came to be what dedicated viewers would be jealous of regarding the cartoon series following him disclosing that he earns $6,804 to view every single episode of the famous funny cartoon with free “doh”-nuts included too.

“I’m a diehard Simpsons fan and watching it for money is something I’ve always dreamt of,” 26-year-old Townley informed Jam Press about his one-of-a-kind employment opportunity that he began this past month in January.

The Nottingham local, that has actually been a diehard “Simpsons” fan for just as long as he can remember, found out about the job when his brother tagged him in an internet advertisement looking for individuals to watch the Matt Groening production and study its future predictions, one thing the series is well-known for.

“Around 10 people shared the post with me because all my friends and family know about my unhealthy obsession with the show,” Townley mentioned.

The hooked-on “Simpsons” superfan stated he finds the series to be “absolutely fascinating” and also continually pertinent as “it’s a reflection on society and based on stereotypes!”

“For example, a fat American dad with a trophy wife and kids, a police officer with a pig nose and a school principal with annoyingly good posture,” he described.

Alexander Townley (Jam Press/

Now, as a component of his work, “I am asked to critically analyze each episode and I get to stuff my face with free vegan donuts that they send me every week, who wouldn’t love that?” an overjoyed Townley said.

In reality, the cartoon fanatic pointed out that nobody felt he was telling the truth regarding his excellent side hustle up until he “started receiving doughnuts in the mail.” Plus folks “started seeing less of me because I’m always at home watching ‘The Simpsons,’ ” he noted, including that “some of my mates are jealous, but still happy for me.”

But even though earning money to watch television may seem like the work of dreams, the expert “Simpsons” binge-watcher claims it isn’t all just fun and games.

“It’s not as simple as just watching a few episodes and chilling out on the sofa,” asserted Townley, that works at a coffee shop during the daytime. “I have to sit with a notepad and pen and have to write every little detail down, even the opening credits with the chalkboard sequence and couch gag.”

Alexander Townley also said that “There have even been weeks where I’ve watched up to 30 episodes in a day, several days in a row, and that really is mentally draining.” Right now, the expert television viewer is watching Season 18 of 33 and has 717 episodes to go.

Townley’s goal is to hunt for just about anything pertaining to the future in the clairvoyant animated series that’s been attributed to prophesying endless things from 9/11 to the COVID-19 pandemic. Townley’s results are at that point delivered to his employer.

Alexander Townley’s diehard Simpsons fan tattoo. (Jam Press/

Although the analyst of animation has maintained secrecy about his results, he proposed some “Simpsons” episodes might have also forecasted his very own life.

“There’s been a few times where I’ve seen characters like Marge sit and analyze TV programs such as ‘Itchy & Scratchy’ with a notepad and pen and I’ve been like, wait what the f **k, that’s literally what I’m doing right now,’ ” Townley claimed.

He hopes down the road to have his job featured in a “Simpsons” episode, making it all become a full circle.

“I know for a fact that ‘The Simpsons’ creators know about this job, so if you’re reading this, Mr. Groening, I’d love to feature in an episode based around this crazy job!” Alexander Townley stated. “I’ve never been to America either, so if they could fly me out there and I could work with them that’d be amazing.”

The dream job worker mentioned that “It’s a bit cheeky I know, but I’ll never get the opportunity to ask ever again, so why not?”

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