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Experts predict robots will be doing 39% of household chores by the year 2033

(The AEGIS Alliance) – According to a study published on Wednesday, approximately 39% of household chores are expected to be handled by robots by 2033, as predicted by a group of 65 artificial intelligence specialists in the U.K. and Japan.

The estimate was based on a survey conducted by the researchers, who were from the University of Oxford and Ochanomizu University in Japan. The study’s authors noted that the potential social and economic implications of this future of unpaid work could be significant.

While the researchers found that grocery shopping was most likely to become automated, they also found that caring for the young and old was least likely to be taken over by robots.

However, the researchers cautioned that predicting the future of automated work is not an exact science and can vary based on cultural and social factors. Male Japanese experts were the most pessimistic, while male British experts were the most optimistic in their predictions.

The study’s authors noted that expert opinion cannot be considered as an objective ‘ground truth’. Despite this, predictions of a robot takeover have been around for decades, with companies such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and AI enthusiasts predicting a future where robots can perform household chores, drive cars and make autonomous decisions.

During the year 2007, it was reported that Honda and Toyota were competing in a “race to produce the first robots that are intelligent and agile enough to perform chores, drive cars and make ‘autonomous’ decisions.” However, over 15 years after that news, these kinds of robots still look to be some distance away into the future.

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  1. Experts predict nobody will have a home left to clean at these rising rents. Most will just become street wonderers with a personal robot that can cook and blow hot air on them and recycle their poop.

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