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Lowlife son faked dead mom’s voice to con grieving father out of $70K

A lowlife of a son impersonated his deceased mother to deceive his grieving father out of more than $70,000.

During a span of 14 months, from 2017 to 2018, Daniel Cuthbert depleted the full financial resources of his own dad.

His dad began to grow suspicious of the absent funds sometime in the midst of 2017 and actually confronted him regarding it, but the father was too overwhelmed by sorrow to take any further action besides the confrontation.

Nevertheless, matters escalated when a representative from the father’s financial institution in Britain arrived at his doorstep in 2018 to relay the distressing news that he would be forfeiting his residence owing to his outstanding debts. Consequently, Northamptonshire Police’s Volume Fraud unit initiated an inquiry, culminating in Cuthbert’s apprehension.

“This was a really despicable abuse of trust by this man who falsely represented his father and even his late mother, in order to defraud them out of more than £56,000 [$73,384],” Sergeant Mike Rogers stated, according to the South West News Service.

The age 42 son transferred substantial sums of money into his personal account, encompassing his entire severance compensation— which denotes a payment made by a company to a worker when their position becomes redundant and is deemed unnecessary.

Cuthbert initiated numerous telephone conversations with financial institutions, impersonating his father, as disclosed by the Preston Crown Court. Furthermore, he would even use a feminine tone, imitating his deceased mother, in order to execute transfers a minimum of nine times.

Lowlife son faked dead mom’s voice to con grieving father out of $70K
Throughout a span of 14 months, commencing in 2017 and concluding in 2018, Daniel Cuthbert depleted the complete monetary assets that his father had accumulated over his lifetime. (Northamptonshire Police / SWNS)

Northamptonshire police unveiled a video that captured Cuthbert engaging in conversation with a call handler, mimicking the tone of a woman’s voice and uttering, “I’d like to make a payment please.” He proceeded to navigate through the security inquiries with the call operator, expressing his intention to move approximately $200 to his personal account under the name “D.W. Cuthbert,” which was his own personal bank account.

He pretended to be his late mother on eight occasions to move close to $12,000 from his dad’s account to his own, according to the court’s testimony.

Daniel Cuthbert reportedly acquired loans on his father’s behalf as well — a situation that ultimately caused the father to relinquish his home due to overwhelming debt.

“This was a complex investigation, but due to some excellent work by the lead investigator, Cuthbert has been jailed and will now have plenty of time to reflect on his actions,” Sergeant Mike Rogers noted. “We hope this brings some closure to the victim who was put through a horrendous ordeal by his son only months after losing his wife.”


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