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Pennsylvania treasure hunter alleges an FBI cover-up in the discovery of civil war gold

(The AEGIS Alliance) – Dennis Parada has gone to court to demand that the FBI turn over the documents regarding their excavation of a location in Dents Run, Pennsylvania, where local folklore claims an 1863 shipment of gold was lost.

Although the FBI denies that any gold was found during their excavation, Parada is convinced that they are hiding the truth and that the FBI has distorted key evidence and withheld records. The dispute is currently being played out in federal court, with Parada hoping to be granted access to the FBI’s documents.

Parada co-founded a treasure-hunting group called Finders Keepers and is not only interested in solving the mystery of the lost gold, but also in obtaining a finder’s fee from the potential recovery of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of gold.

The FBI conducted a search for gold in Dents Run, after being directed to the location by Parada and his son, who had been searching for the gold for years. The search used sophisticated technology that identified a significant quantity of metal, including a seven- to nine-ton mass suggestive of gold.

An FBI agent corroborated Parada’s information and declared that a dig would be required to verify the findings. However, Parada is convinced that the FBI conducted an overnight dig in secret, after being mostly kept away from the site, and that they found the gold and took it away.

The photographs and photo logs taken by the FBI are a key point of contention. Parada and his consultant, Warren Getler, have pointed out inconsistencies between the photos, including the presence or absence of snow and the timing of a storm that disrupted operations. Parada alleges that the FBI conducted an overnight dig and that the presence of snow in some photos proves it. However, the FBI has denied the allegations and has insisted that no gold was found. The judge has yet to rule on the matter.

Jeffrey Childers – The AEGIS Alliance – This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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