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Tennessee cop knocked out cold after making racist joke while off-duty at wedding

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A Tennessee police officer who was off-duty got knocked out in a single blow after he made a racist joke at a wedding ceremony in Knoxville on June 26, cops said.

Multiple witnesses pointed out that age 22 Tanner Holt, a White cop said to Jonathan Toney, a Black guy, that he “didn’t know they let Black people in the reception hall,” according to WVLT.

The witnesses pointed out that Holt made many racial comments while talking to a group in a parking area and stated Toney asked him a number of times to stop. Holt’s final remark prior to the punch was a claim that he’s “part of the Black community.”

Following that comment, Toney punched Holt once and Holt fell down to the asphalt. Holt was then transported to a local health center in Knoxville that is the home of the University of Tennessee and is located around 150 miles east of Nashville.

Nobody faced charges from the incident. Police in Knoxville stated Holt endured “serious injuries” and still hasn’t been cleared medically to go back to work. All witnesses stated Holt was quite intoxicated on alcohol at the wedding event.

The incident is under investigation by the Knoxville Police Department’s internal affairs unit.

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