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My daughter heard ‘monsters’ in the wall, what we discovered was something from a horror movie

If those walls could talk, they’d probably be screaming.

A woman was astonished and disgusted to discover that the “creatures” her daughter had been hearing were in fact a massive colony of 50,000 honeybees residing within their walls, as shown in a viral TikTok clip that garnered 9.1 million views.

“What nightmares are made of,” the clip’s caption read while Ashley explained having her home bugged out.

The following video begins with the view from a thermal camera aimed at the wall of her daughter’s room, revealing a sizable orange patch caused by the hive’s warmth.

The screen then rises to reveal a gaping opening in the wall and bees buzzing around the space reminiscent of a scene from the 1992 eerie film “Candyman.”


What nighthmares are made of #bees #toddlersoftiktok #toddlers

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

“When your daughter has been hearing ‘monsters’ in the walls,” Ashley says in the video. “Turns out it was 50,000 bees buzzing,” she added.

The mother’s impromptu bee farm stirred up quite a commotion as viewers questioned how she handled her buzzing invaders.

On the second day, the expert in bees disposed of an additional 20,000 unwanted insects and closed off the wall to avoid any stinging incidents, as stated in a later update.


Day 2 Bee Update: Eerie to see the bees removing around behind the plastic #savethebees #nightmarefuel #charlotte #toddlerroom #beekeepersoftiktok

♬ baddie background – Dersim 👅

In a separate video, the mother recounted how the bees constructed a honeycomb weighing over 100 pounds in a span of eight months, large enough to fill a garbage bag. As the outer layer started to deteriorate, it had to be securely wrapped in three layers of bags.


Replying to @cantthinkofaUsername How did they get in?/Why we didn’t notice them #savethebees #bees #charlotte #honeycomb

♬ original sound – Ashley

When questioned by her followers about how she failed to notice the extensive insect city being built under her roof, Ashley responded: “It only takes a couple bees and a swarm that you might not be able to see to become a colony that’s 50,000 bees.”

However, that was just the beginning of the insect invasion dilemma: In a separate video, Ashley recounted discovering yet another group with a queen bee inside the home’s walls, which called for another bee expert to come out and remove the bees, Queen and all.


Replying to @lexi 🎀 Update 4: Still seeing thousands of bees even though 50k were removed (safely) from our daughter’s room wall #honeybees #bees #savethebees #homerenovation #toddlertiktok #momsoftiktok #beegate #nightmarefuel

♬ Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me? – Taylor Swift

After successfully removing the swarm, their home was coated in honey, resembling a massive cookie.


You can hear how sticky the floor is. We’ve tried to clean it but we will need to do a full overhaul of the room. Honey is everywhere #savethebees #homerestoration #toddlersoftiktok #beetok #honeybees #charlotte #beegate

♬ original sound – Ashley

Adding insult to injury, the insurance provider stated they would not reimburse the costs since it was “unrelated to the property,” according to a different video announcement.

Commenters sympathized with Ashley’s unsettling situation.

“I would honestly rather have monsters in the wall than to have 50k bees,” said one with sympathy, while someone else said, “I would cry before knowing it was bees.”

Some shared anecdotes with their peers about these petite honey producers infiltrating their residences.

“This happened to my friend except while she was out to dinner with her husband the ceiling collapsed above their bed and showered their master bedroom in bees,” another concluded.

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  1. How do bees equate to ‘horror’, exactly? Wasps, sure. Hornets, okay – but bees? C’mon…

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