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Apple will permanently delete photos in July, here’s how to keep yours safe

A picture is worth a thousand words, if the photo it isn’t deleted.

Apple has declared its intention to permanently eliminate the My Photo Stream collection in the upcoming month. This characteristic automatically retains images captured within the previous 30 days.

Because of the approaching closure, the function of My Photo Stream to transfer pictures came to a halt on June 26, and all content stored in the collection will be erased once the service terminates on July 26.

Nevertheless, all photographs that were transferred to My Photo Stream prior to June 26 will exist in iCloud for a duration of 30 days commencing from the day of transfer and will be accessible on gadgets where My Photo Stream is activated.

To guarantee the preservation of all images, access the album named My Photo Stream within your camera roll and safeguard your pictures onto either your device or iCloud.

Apple will permanently delete photos in July heres how to keep yours safe
The company Apple ceased the automatic transfer of images to the My Photo Stream collection on June 26th. (Apple)

“The photos in My Photo Stream are already stored on at least one of your devices, so as long as you have the device with your originals, you won’t lose any photos as part of this process,” Apple wrote in its support webpage.

If an image you desire is not yet present in your collection on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, ensure that you store it in your collection on that particular device.

If you already utilize iCloud, no further action is required.

Declaring farewell to My Photo Stream implies that iCloud is the optimal choice from Apple to securely store and unify all your pictures and videos on various devices.

Apple will permanently delete photos in July heres how to keep yours safe
Apple’s favored space for keeping images and videos on all gadgets is presently iCloud. (jeanvdmeulen/pixabay)

However, there are still alternative choices available, as disclosed by a financial specialist on TikTok, who shared this information with her audience.

She suggests that Apple users should refrain from paying for extra iCloud storage after they exceed the given complimentary 5 gigabytes.
Apple will permanently delete photos in July heres how to keep yours safe
In June 2011, the deceased Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, presents Apple’s iCloud storage system. (Getty Images)

The price of iCloud storage is 99 cents for 50 gigabytes, $2.99 for 200 gigabytes, and $9.99 for 2 trillion bytes.

Alternatively, the specialist suggests users safeguard their pictures on the Amazon Photos application or via their Google profiles.

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