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LGBTQ influencer condemned nudity in front of minors at Pride events, ‘Neanderthal behavior’

A well-liked TikTok personality responded to explicit videos that have emerged from Pride gatherings, condemning them as unsuitable and not reflective of the LGBTQ community.

On Wednesday, Instagram model AJ Sanchez took to TikTok and said, “My fellow LGBTQIA+. Baby, y’all are doing too much. And yes, I’m going to be the one to say it because if a straight person says that, you are going to say the homophobic this and the third. And it’s like, no, boo, you’re just doing the most. And it’s really not cute.”

“Can someone explain to me why I’m seeing all these Pride videos, people in the streets acting like they ain’t got no f—–g home training?” he questioned, while putting on makeup.

Sanchez went on to talk about his perspective that it is inappropriate to have nakedness at gatherings where kids are present: “I see boo-chichis all out on display for everyone to see. Middle of New York, broad daylight, minors present. Like, since when is that okay, sis? Because it’s not.”

Several instances of nakedness and inappropriate conduct in the presence of minors at Pride gatherings have recently gained media attention.

During the Toronto Pride Parade, footage depicted a gathering of unclothed males engaging in playfulness and cleansing themselves next to a water feature encircled by children.

LGBTQ influencer condemned nudity in front of minors at Pride events Neanderthal behavior
AJ Sanchez advised his LGBTQ+ supporters that they were ‘exceeding limits’ but not in a positive manner. (TikTok/@_ajtsanchez)
LGBTQ influencer condemned nudity in front of minors at Pride events Neanderthal behavior
Sanchez’s video called for human decency during Pride events. (TikTok/@_ajtsanchez)

A different video exhibited unclothed males participating in a Seattle celebration of diversity, where they gathered and rode bicycles in plain sight of minors.

“And b—h don’t get it twisted, on a scale of one to classy, I’m not given a royal family by any means. Like, I love to turn up, shake some a– and have a good time, but b—h, time and place – and that was not it,” AJ Sanchez stated.

Sanchez continued and said, “When I tell you I saw this chick, practically nothing on [while] on top of a water fountain and water spraying all up in her cookies, nookies and crannies. I’m just wondering what type of antibiotic that doctors gonna prescribe for all that. People hanging from streetlights, hooking up on the side of the road. What in the land before time Neanderthal behavior? Raggedy is the word for it.”

AJ Sanchez concluded with saying, “they already don’t f–k with us like that. And this is how you want them to perceive us? Pride is an event based around acceptance and equality, not an excuse for you all to act a f—ing fool. All right, y’all. As long as you guys know that that does not represent the entire LGBTQIA community. Even I’m like, what the f–k? Do better.”

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  1. Finally some self perspective. This is why I don’t go outside during holidays anymore. Too many adult children.

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