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Researchers: unwashed pillowcases contain more bacteria than toilet seats

You won’t fall sound asleep after this.

According to a report released this month by Amerisleep, an unclean pillowcase has the potential to contain approximately three million microbes within a mere week. This amount is roughly 17,000 times higher than the average toilet seat.

The examination involved tidiness information for beds, bedclothes, and pillowcases, along with a breakdown of the possible microorganisms hiding amidst the bedding.

Allergic substances, molds, and deceased epidermis are among the disconcerting elements you wouldn’t desire to snuggle with during nighttime — and they can allure dust mites, minuscule creatures that indulge in shed skin cells.

Specialists caution that pillow covers, precisely, ought to be swapped regularly — and more frequently than merely once every seven days or per month.

“When you get into bed, you contaminate your bed linens with dead skin cells (about 50 million per day), sweat, makeup, lotions, hair, and anything else you’ve picked up during the day, from pollen and pet dander to fungal mold and dirt particles to bacteria and viral particles as well,” Dr. Hadley King said to Well+Good.

“Dead skin cells and sweat provide food for dust mites, attracting them to your bed and helping them multiply,” King added.

A recent TikTok presented a visual depiction of the microbial communities that supposedly thrive beneath your cranium each night.



Replying to @eduvale6999 Why @Argie (formerly Silvi) instead of washing so the time? It is recommended to wash your pillowcases every 3 days to reduce acne and germs – youre right. But it takes a lot of time, water, detergent and running costs to keep washing so frequently. Considering you sleep every single night you might find an argie pillowcase is easier and better value . . . #meetargie #argie #silvi #bacteria #acneskin #acnefighter #acnescars #bedding #skincareroutine #skincaretips #acne #acnetreatment #silk #satin #pillow #pillowcase

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Marketing the silver-infused, allegedly acne-fighting pillowcase brand Argie, user @simonandbee cut off a corner of a regular pillowcase and placed it in a petri dish, showing the alleged bacteria and fungal growth over time.



Show, don’t tell. #acneskin @Silvi @Argie #acnefighter #acnescars #bedding #skincareroutine #skincaretips #acne #acnetreatment #silk #satin #pillow #pillowcase

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Promoting the purported acne-combating pillowcase label Argie, @simonandbee, a consumer, sliced a section of a standard pillowcase and positioned it in a culture dish, unveiling the claimed microbial and fungal expansion over a period of time.

Researchers unwashed pillowcases contain more bacteria than toilet seats
A TikToker compared the bacteria on a pillow from Day 1 to Day 5. (@simonandbee/TikTok)
Researchers unwashed pillowcases contain more bacteria than toilet seats
After only a few days, the unwashed pillowcase flourished with bacteria in the petri dish. (@simonandbee/TikTok)

Following a brief period of not cleansing the pillowcases, bacteria swiftly developed.

The disclosures arise after an extensive period of investigation into filthy bed linens.

In reality, previous research has demonstrated that pathogenic bacteria reside on unwashed bed linens.

In spite of the positive physician’s advice to regularly replace pillowcases every few days and sheets every week, some unfazed individuals procrastinate for a month or longer to wash their bed linens.

Researchers unwashed pillowcases contain more bacteria than toilet seats
Specialists claim that, as a result of the plentiful bacteria discovered on bedding, bed covers ought to be replaced every seven days, if not more frequently. (@simonandbee/TikTok)

An investigation conducted in the UK revealed that approximately 50% of males wait for a period of up to four months before altering their bed linens. It should come as no surprise that their sheets were replaced with greater frequency when they were in a romantic partnership.

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