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Accused child rapist Jeremy Guthrie pulled over for DUI with 6 kids in his car, claims they’re his ‘friends’

Recently video circulated again that shows the unsettling apprehension of a purported child molester under the influence (DUI) who had six juvenile boys and girls in his vehicle, alongside vacant containers of tequila and Fireball whiskey.

Jeremy Guthrie was apprehended the previous year on a New Mexico roadway while operating a vehicle in a disorderly manner, and law enforcement found the youngsters — one of whom he purportedly sexually assaulted and impregnated subsequent to connecting on social media.

Footage from police body cameras dated July 5, 2022, depicted Guthrie, who was 41 at the time, operating a vehicle on a highway and subsequently displaying irrational behavior upon being halted.

When the authorities approached the vehicle, they were astonished to discover it brimming with juvenile boys and girls, whom Guthrie asserted were his “companions” and insisted, incoherently, were all of legal age.

Guthrie subsequently failed a test to determine sobriety.

At a certain juncture, Guthrie was perplexed by the introductory question, “Have you ever suffered a traumatic brain injury?”

He was handcuffed and accused of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, in addition to facing six charges of mistreatment towards minors.

However, after being reserved, Guthrie was charged with sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl who was present in the vehicle. The girl experienced a termination of pregnancy as a result of a year-long period of sexual mistreatment inflicted upon her by Guthrie.

The twin sister of the girl was also present in the vehicle, and purportedly sent her inappropriate messages, is believed to have sexually assaulted her as well, and discussed his profound affection for the siblings.

“It makes me sick. I’m livid about what he did to my granddaughters,” the girls’ grandmother stated to KRQE News 13. “And he’s just a very, very sick person.”

Accused child rapist Jeremy Guthrie pulled over for DUI with 6 kids in his car, claims they’re his friends
Guthrie was first indicted for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and child maltreatment but subsequently charged with sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl and her twin sibling for over twelve months. (KRQE/YouTube)

Guthrie is accused of having sexually assaulted at least one additional minor girl, as indicated by the allegations, the Albuquerque Journal reported.

In the footage from the body camera capturing his arrest, Guthrie appeared to encounter difficulty in locating his wallet when the police request for his driver’s license.

“There’s your wallet right there, between your legs,” the officer old him. When Guthrie finally turned over his wallet, he said “Sorry, just a little bit nervous.” 

Accused child rapist Jeremy Guthrie pulled over for DUI with 6 kids in his car, claims they’re his friends
Guthrie emerged from his truck with the zipper of his denim pants undone, an occurrence he couldn’t clarify when questioned by law enforcement. (World Wide Police Insight/YouTube)

Exiting the vehicle, Guthrie’s jeans zipper was unfastened, and he commenced to deny consuming any beverages despite the officers stating he emitted a strong smell of liquor.

While one of the law enforcement officers made their way back to the vehicle to converse with the children inside the truck, a different cop initiated the process of questioning Guthrie for a preliminary examination regarding his level of intoxication.

Inquired about the presence of any distressing brain injuries, Guthrie replied, “Possibly, how would you know such things?” Then the cop asked if he possessed any circumstances that impacted his balance, Guthrie responded. “Possibly.”

Accused child rapist Jeremy Guthrie pulled over for DUI with 6 kids in his car, claims they’re his friends
Guthrie questioned the police officers for an illustration to clarify their instruction to recite the alphabet from H to S. (World Wide Police Insight/YouTube)

Guthrie was subsequently unable to comprehend the officer’s instructions to repeat the alphabet starting from H and ending at S, and during the countdown from 62 to 47, he entirely omitted the numbers in the 50s and sluggishly proceeded into the 30s.

Coming back to the alphabet challenge, Guthrie mentioned “I don’t like that one.”

Open containers of tequila and Fireball whiskey were both discovered in the vehicle during the examination.

Content with the proof, the authorities eventually restrained Guthrie and placed him inside their police vehicle.

Accused child rapist Jeremy Guthrie pulled over for DUI with 6 kids in his car, claims they’re his friends
Guthrie supposedly dispatched text messages to one of his adolescent rape victims employing a mobile device belonging to a correctional officer. (KRQE/YouTube)

The kids’ guardians appeared on the location by the road to take them to safety.

Shortly following Guthrie’s apprehension, the twin girls’ grandmother reported to authorities that he had been engaging in acts of violation and sexual exploitation towards the girls for a duration exceeding one year.

According to the Albuquerque Journal, one of the females informed law enforcement that she had encountered Guthrie on Snapchat and claimed he had been consistently sexually assaulting her “over a lengthy time span.”

She stated that he documented at least one of the attacks, and had been consuming cocaine, meth, and possessed multiple firearms.

Once incarcerated, Guthrie didn’t give up.

As per the twins’ grandma, he initiated text messaging one of them requesting funds and asserted that he had employed a cellular device belonging to a jail warden.

Guthrie remains incarcerated in Albuquerque’s Metropolitan Detention Center, as per records.

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