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No One Would Believe Her, 14 Year Old Girl Installs Cameras to Prove Abuse

OKALOOSA COUNTY, FLORIDA A 14 year old girl installed cameras in her bedroom as a last resort to prove she was being physically abused because no one would believe her, ABC News reports the girl’s mom and police saying.

The girl submitted video footage to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office in Florida as evidence of the abusive assaults. Shortly thereafter, 47 year old Damon Becnel was placed under arrest on January 2, ABC News reported according to an arrest record.

The girl showed two videos to authorities where Damon Becnel is seen grabbing her by the hair, headbutting her, and throwing her head against a bed, the arrest report shows.

Mr Becnel is also seen on the footage pulling a knife on a dog and shouting, “I will cut this f—— god—- dog’s f—— eyeballs out” while the teen girl is seen in the room telling him to stop, according to ABC News.

Damon Becnel is facing charges of tormenting an animal and child abuse, the sheriff’s office said.

The girl’s mother has not been identified, who told WEAR TV that the teen had tried to report the abuse for years, but nobody would believe her. The teen then took matters into her own hands and installed camera to record proof of the abuse.

The girl’s mother doesn’t have custody of the teen, who now lives with Becnel’s best friend, but the mom wants to change that, WEAR TV reported.

The sheriff’s office has declined to say how, or if the Becnel is related to girl, the department cited a state law that protects the identity of child abuse victims, ABC News said.

Damon Becnel posted bail on January 3 in the amount of $4,000 and was released from jail. Mr Becnel is due to appear in court in front of a judge on February 4.

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