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Man gets gored to death at Spanish bull-running festival

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A guy hemorrhaged blood until he died after getting continuously gored at a bull-running event in the eastern region of Spain, according to officials.

The Spanish man, age 55, that is unidentified was gored by a bull at a festivity in Onda, leading to an injury to his left upper leg that burst his artery open, the city council and emergency services pointed out on Saturday.

He passed away eventually that same day at a local medical facility in the neighboring city of Villareal after bleeding profusely due to an injury, representatives said.

The city’s council called off the remainder of the bull-running activities at the event following the man’s brutal injuries.

The occurrence was actually the very first bull-running death since COVID-19 restrictions had been lifted this summer season.

Critics in recent times have demanded that bull-running celebrations must stop, citing safety worries.

In 2019 a dad of 3 children got gored to death when he had stumbled and fallen to the ground at a festivity called Torico de la Cuerda.

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