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More than 100 dogs and cats found dead on Georgia woman’s property

(The AEGIS Alliance) – A woman in Georgia was arrested earlier this week after police discovered greater than one hundred dead cats and dogs on her property that was functioning as a foster home for animals for several years.

Terri Lynn Taylor, that had been working with various animal organizations for many years is facing charges of aggravated cruelty to animals after a long investigation into the purported abuse, the Bacon County Sheriff’s Office said. The department recently coordinated with one of the groups, New York-based Guardians of Rescue, to look into Taylor.

Deputies at some point visited Taylor’s property in Alma, located around 100 miles west of Savannah, when the horrifying discovery was made. They discovered the bodies of 64 cats and also 43 dogs in addition to twenty canines and 2 live felines who were still alive, police pointed out.

Nine of the canines that made it through the abuse continued to be hospitalized as of Thursday, along with 3 of them that are in critical condition, Guardians of Rescue wrote on Twitter. The group is going to be caring for the live animals as the criminal case proceeds.

Sheriff Andy Batten pointed out there was no noticeable indication that the suspect had been abusing or even taking care of that many animals on her property.

“Riding by the property, you couldn’t see the dogs,” he said to WTOC. “You wouldn’t know they were there. To my knowledge, I didn’t know that she was a fosterer or rescue worker.”

Authorities stated there is an ongoing investigation that may result in additional charges.

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