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Dog in California reunited with family after being missing for 12 years

A pet dog in California actually got reunited with her household earlier in February after she went missing 12 years ago.

The pooch named Zoey who is now thirteen years old was left on a non-urban property outdoors in Stockton when she was discovered by a person that contacted authorities on February 10, stating the female canine “appeared old and unwell,” according to the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office.

Animal Service Officer Brandon Levin recovered the canine and proceeded to scan her microchip, then figured out that she’d actually been reported missing back in 2010 in Lafayette, California, around 60 miles away from where she had been discovered.

“Honestly I am still in shock,” Zoey’s owner, Michelle told authorities.

Zoey was missing for such a long time that in 2015 the business that produces her microchip noted in their records that she was “deceased.”

“We got her at the pound when she was 6 months old with her twin sister … they were with us for about six months, and then we went to the store for about 20 minutes and came back, and she was missing,” Michelle pointed out about the pooch.

Fortunately, the owners still possessed the very same phone number, in spite of currently residing in Benecia, police mentioned. The sheriff’s office had the ability to get in touch with them and a reuniting was put together in Rio Vista.

In the afternoon on Friday, the sheriff’s office uploaded a video clip on Facebook of Michelle as well as Zoey officially reuniting.

“I definitely didn’t expect this to ever happen, so I’m really excited,” Michelle said.

It’s not clear which day in February the reunion happened.

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