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Woman abandons French bulldog ‘in a stroller’ at Pittsburgh airport after she’s told she can’t bring it on plane without a crate

No dog left behind!

According to Allegheny County Police Department, a lady left her 7-year-old French bulldog in a parking area at a Pittsburgh airport on Friday because she couldn’t take it with her on her trip.

The woman, whose identity remains unknown, was preparing to embark on her flight at Pittsburgh International Airport when airline personnel informed her that she would need a container for her French Bulldog in order to board.

In a state of desperation, the proprietor made attempts to persuade airline personnel to provide her with a boarding pass for her canine companion, who she claimed was an emotional support animal. However, her efforts were unsuccessful.

Instead of abandoning her planned journey, the dog owner opted to leave her furry companion behind so she could catch her flight.

The question remains as to whether the owner managed to catch the first flight they planned to embark on with the French bulldog or opted for an alternative one on the very same day to their undisclosed holiday spot.

Woman abandons French bulldog ‘in a stroller’ at Pittsburgh airport after she's told she can’t bring it on plane without a crate
The Allegheny County Police Department saved a French bulldog that had been abandoned by its owner while preparing to take a trip. (Allegheny County Police Department)

The authorities became aware of the circumstance after discovering the French bulldog “unsupervised in a baby carriage” at approximately 5:30 a.m. in close proximity to temporary parking near Pittsburgh International Airport.

Upon finding the dog, law enforcement officers detected a microchip embedded in the neck of the French Bulldog, which facilitated the identification of its owner.

“Officers were able to locate a microchip on the animal but attempts to reach the owner were unsuccessful,” police noted.

“The investigation revealed the owner then abandoned the dog near short-term parking and proceeded to board a flight,” police posted on Facebook.

Not long after the authorities came across the little dog, they got in touch with a dog warden from the state of Pennsylvania to surrender the animal.

Afterward, the warden verified that the canine was secure and unharmed at a shelter known as Animal Friends.

Woman abandons French bulldog ‘in a stroller’ at Pittsburgh airport after she's told she can’t bring it on plane without a crate
At Pittsburgh International Airport, law enforcement discovered the dog left alone in a carriage close to the temporary parking area. (WTAE-TV Pittsburgh)

“Animal Friends was notified of a case involving suspected abandonment at the airport through the Allegheny County Dog Warden and the dog involved was admitted into our care,” the shelter stated according to CBS News.

“Animal Friends’ Humane Society Police Officers are pursuing an investigation into this case and reviewing possible charges. The dog will remain on hold and Animal Friends is pleased to provide the necessary treatment and supportive care the dog needs until this case is resolved.”

In addition to the multitude of accusations handed to the dog owner, there is also the possibility of facing a penalty of up to $1,000 for abandoning their dog.

In Pennsylvania, those found guilty of deserting or trying to desert a canine may be subject to a fine of no more than $1,000.

The devastating event occurs just months after a pilot from United Airlines took in a forsaken German Shepard at San Francisco International Airport.

According to the Washington Post, the dog’s owner allegedly lacked appropriate paperwork to bring their dog on the plane, leading them to desert the unfortunate canine and proceed with their journey to New York.

Because of stringent regulations concerning animals originating from countries with a high likelihood of rabies, the CDC forbade the entry of the dog into the nation.

The dog would be made available for adoption by the San Francisco SPCA, as more than 35 applications flooded in. Eventually, they chose Capain. William Dale, a seven-year veteran, who adopted the dog.


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